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Jim Butler has been a DWI licensed attorney of 24 years standing. Jim Butler will save you from going to jail and assist you from otherwise end up losing your job, causing you and your family financial and emotional distress. Jim Butler is fully fixated on DWI cases and he puts all his time and energy into Driving under the influence cases. Although he doesn’t support driving while intoxicates, Jim Butler feels most innocent people are unfairly arrested making him practice law and specialize in DWI cases.

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Anyone facing a DWI charge should be aware of its seriousness. The offense of DWI is very serious with dire consequences and anyone faced with a DWI- Driving While Intoxicated should seek the services of DWI attorney strictly Houston.

The consequence of a DWI charge can range from loss of employment, withdrawal of your driver’s license fall out with family, facing serious jail time among many. When faced with the DWI charge kindly get in touch with Jim Butler who is a 24 year DWI experienced attorney via a call or email. Getting arrested is just but an initial stage of the consequence, getting charged and facing the force of the law including but not limited to losing your driver’s license, getting sentenced to jail are not automatic processes hence the need to get the services of a DWI specialized attorney who will assist you to get the best legal service and give you a chance to have a fair trial.

To protect your fundamental rights and ensuring you have the fair trial, the Butler Law Firm has the time and resources to ensure your DWI charge has a better outcome. You should, therefore, get in contact with Mr. Butler to discuss your DWI situation. Don’t delay and call him because he is experienced enough to assist you.

The consequence of a DWI charge is dire and can alter the course of your daily routine significantly. In addition, you may incur the cost of transport to work and from, your daily errands with family schedule’s etc. if you do not attend to your DWI situation the loss of your license becomes effecting after 40 days of the charge.

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