#1 DWI & DUI Law Firm in South Houston, TX

A considerable number of people today find themselves faced with DWI charges. Are you perhaps one of them?

If you are I am guessing, you are all stressed up wondering what the next step is. Today, however, we bring a remedy to most of this stress eating you up. The remedy to your stress n the shape of one Jim Butler who has been a registered and acknowledged attorney for a good 24 years now. Mr. Butler has to his name a lot of credit for his role in helping a lot of alleged DWI offenders avoid incarceration as well as other harsh disciplinary actions that come with the charge. This way Mr. Butler saves his clients the devastating consequences that come with a DWI conviction such as loss of employment as well as financial and mental strain not just to individual offenders but their families as well.

Currently, Mr. Butler specializes specifically on DWI defense. For those still groping with the term, DWI simply stands for ‘driving while intoxicated’ and is also abbreviated as DUI which in full stands for ‘driving under influence’. Mr. Butler’s insistence on DWI cases should not in any way deceive people that he is in support of drunk driving. His passion is driven by his realization that a large number of drivers are being arrested even when there’s no need for it. This realization can be quoted as his greatest inspiration.

Those who are not sure about where to turn to for advice on DWI charges should worry no more. You can reach Jim Butler for a free consultation session on (713) 236-8744. Jim is very concerned that a lot of people are not aware that it is not illegal at all in Texas to drive after a couple of drinks so long as your mental and physical faculties are not affected. Furthermore, Jim is well aware of the greatest flaw of field sobriety tests and reveals it as being the tests’ inability to provide a more wholesome picture.

In fact, Jim further reveals that these tests can be influenced by other factors such as tiredness, being nervous and other medical conditions. It is not impossible for a test to diagnose you as having failed a test even though you might not be under influence at all. The damage that a DWI conviction can cause bears significant weight. Under no circumstances should such a charge be taken in light note. Should one be unfortunate enough to encounter such an incident, you are advised to immediately seek services of a reputable Houston attorney who specializes in DWI defense. Such an offense comes with very serious legal implications once convicted.

Certified DWI Lawyers

A DWI charge can cause an individual to lose his /her driving privileges, lose employment, suffer family breakups or even serve actual jail time. In light of this, the Butler Law Firm is most definitely the people to call in event of a DWI charge. This reputable firm has been up and running for a period of 24 long years. Their top man, Jim Butler is undoubtedly on top of his career. One email or phone call may be all you need to get out of that mess you just landed in. It is important to understand that a DWI arrest is just but the beginning of a long legal process.

Arraignment in court also does not necessarily have much bearing towards the outcome of the case. Just like other legal processes, a DWI charge could result in any of the possible outcomes including revocation of driving rights, conviction fines and even jail time in some cases.

A good DWI attorney would assist greatly n steering the case towards a more positive outcome. How else are you expected to understand the complex legal process as well as safeguard your rights if not through the help of a competent DWI attorney?

Those charged with DWI/DUI offenses can finally smile thanks to Butler Law Firm. The firm is characterized by expertise matured over time and coupled with experience that assures clients the best defense there can be. This way clients are assured that the outcome they will get is the best there is for their case. Butler is committed to ensuring that his clients’ rights are fully respected throughout the legal process. There is no reason to wait if you are facing such a charge. You just have to consult Butler law firm over your case details at no cost at all.

Who then better than Jim Butler to help you with your DWI? What are you waiting for?

They are waiting for your call. I am sure that some people have a lot of questions pertaining to DWI charges. Jim Butler will answer all of them once you get in touch. Up to date most people still think that you have to register a .08 blood alcohol level to be charged with a DWI. You will be surprised at just how wrong you could be. A police officer can lodge a DWI just by proving that your driving ability is impaired by simple observation. He/she can do this if you exhibit the following signs:

  1. You swerve to correct the course of your vehicle
  2. You are unable to drive on one lane and instead drive between two lanes
  3. You come close to hitting someone or something
  4. Youth your brakes erratically
  5. You turn right at a red light or stop sign without first stopping completely popularly referred to as rolling stop
  6. You display overcautious driving for example driving too slowly
  7. You take turns too narrowly or too widely
  8. You drift from one side of the road to another

The immediate consequence of a DWI charge would be revocation of a driver’s privileges for a period of 3 months to 2 years. For commercial drivers, the penalty may bear even more severe consequences. They are required to undertake breath tests. Should they object, their licenses can be revoked for a lengthy 1 year. The arresting officer initiates the charge by confiscating your license and issuing you a temporary permit of course linked with a notice of suspension. Should you fail to request a hearing over the same for the same n the next 15 days, an automatic suspension is effected once 40 days elapse. This is just an oversight into the nightmare that a DWI can become unless you invite professional help from experts such as the Butler law firm.

This Houston firm s very well versed with all the complexities of a DWI charge. Hundreds of people can attest to the good work that Mr. Butler has done for them in the face of DUI charges. You are not only enlightened on the procedural advancements in the entire process but your individual rights are also safeguarded throughout the process ensuring you maintain your calm and composure.

The negative impact that a DWI charge can have on your life is inarguably catastrophic. imagine what would happen should you have to rely on public transport for work purposes, running errands, shopping needs as well as other family activities. Do not wait for those 40 days to elapse for your license to be suspended once a DWI arrest is made. Contact Butler law firm and save yourself the consequent nightmare.

Mr. Butler works under the principle that all legal proceedings are carried out in total accordance to the law including ensuring all evidence lodged against you is processed in strict adherence of the legal requirements. Moreover, Mr. Butler’s firm establishes contact with the district attorney’s office to bring to your attention all the possible legal options in your case.

Give  Butler Law Firm a call and be assured that no stone will be left unturned to ensure that your DWI mess is sorted out within the minimum time possible. Remember you enjoy the benefit of consulting the firm through a call at no fee at all.

Call 713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance.

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