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Driving while intoxicated is dangerous which may result in charges and even lead to life imprisonment. There are some possible cases where charges may be raised for an innocent driver. Whatever the case, one should hire the services of a DWI lawyer who will help in withdrawing the charges or negotiating for a better judgment for those that are guilty. When you are charged with DWI offense that is the time you need a professional to help you through since you do not have enough experience with the proceedings of this case. 

Consider the services of Jim Butler who is a DWI lawyer based in Houston who is 100 percent dedicated and specialized in this filed. He is the founder of Butler Law Firm which protects the rights of the charged person. Jim Butler will help in relieving you increased stress that results from these charges. You may not have enough knowledge of the process where you may get humiliated along the way while carrying out the process alone. In fact, he ensures that all your rights are protected. 

Jim Butler has successfully offered his services for the past twenty-four years. This gives you more confidence that you will be working with a competent and experienced lawyer. In case you are proven guilty by the court, which means it is the end of your job. After a job loss, your family will be struggling especially if you were the breadwinner. You will make them suffer financially and mentally where you will also suffer psychologically due to job loss and imprisonment. At least, with the help of Jim Butler, he will ensure that you constituted rights are observed and you received the fair most judgment. 

Every driver should be aware that there are negative effects that result from driving while intoxicated. If you are charged with a DWI offense, your license might be revoked, it may also lead to loss of job and even get imprisoned for years. Jim Butler is here for you if you are facing DWI charges. You can reach the firm via different processes such as making a phone call or by sending an email. If you are arrested for a DWI offense, you will have to involve in other tedious and many wasting processes. For instance, you will need to skip work and report to the proceedings of the charges. You may also incur more costs for transport while traveling from your home to the place of the hearing. Money wasted would instead be used for other important activities. You will also be nervous and anxious since you have been charged with DWI offense and you are not aware of the final outcome. Jim Butler will help to ease your burden and tasks involved in the process.

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