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Have you ever been charged with a DWI? Do DWI charges give you stress? Do you have anxiety not knowing what exactly will happen? Our law firm helps in alleviating your stress level.

In the last 24 years, Jim Butler professional career as a licensed lawyer. He has helped clients who are on the verge of losing their jobs by getting them released from jail. The loss of employment causes suffering for both the offender and the family’s mental and financial capacity. Currently, in Jim Law firm, many of their cases are DWI or DUI related. He is devoting most of the time to representing people with this type of issue. Jim doesn’t encourage driving while drunk, but in some cases, he believes that there are many arrests of innocent people needlessly. It is for this reason that he is practicing as a DWI lawyer. 

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Everybody should understand the DWI charge and its seriousness, primarily for people charged before. Any offender charged should consider hiring a lawyer specializing in DWI cases and tracked success in court. The offender must have a lawyer who limits defending DWI cases. If the offender is found guilty, a DWI offense can cause serious consequences. 

The consequences that an offender is likely to face include revocation of driving license or suspension, loss of job, jail time, and family dispute. Anybody facing DWI charges can call Jim Butler, a licensed attorney, for twenty-four years. To access the law firm, you can either email or call any day. All offenders should understand that being charged with DWI is the conception of a time-consuming process after the charges are when the attorney can determine the outcome. The matters of the law are never automatic it comprises loss of driving license, conviction or technical issues, incarceration, and fines. An experienced attorney can only guarantee a positive result. The lawyer is there to help you navigate through protecting your rights as a human being and the legal proceedings. 

Butler Law Firm is well known for having the experience of ensuring that the offenders charged with a criminal felony of driving while intoxicated have a better outcome. Also, to protect the rights of the offender during the law process. Every person accused of DWI or DUI should call Jim and discuss the detail of their case. 

He is known to have experience in helping you navigate the process. Call today.

DWI affects the well-being of an offender, family life, and the place of work. Additionally, it can cause additional costs such as public transportation during workdays, personal errands, family activities, or shopping. According to Texas’s laws, suspending a driver’s license begins forty days following the charges.

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Jim is the Butler Law office owner based in Houston, Texas, and has been practicing for 24 years. He assures his client to do everything under and within the law to have the pre-eminent outcome of any case. For any consultation, contact us.