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Butler Law Firm solely focuses on DWI cases as we appreciate the fact that there are many innocent people that are convicted of the charge due to poor representation. We help you alleviate the stress of being arrested and being on the verge of being convicted of the charge. Jim Butler, the founder of Butler law firm, has been licensed as a DWI attorney for 24 years.

That is the reason why he has been successful in helping clients get off the hook from their DWI charge due to excellent representation. It should be clear that we do not endorse drunk driving on our roads all we try to do is give our clients a fair hearing so that they can prove their innocence. To book a free consultation with us, dial 713-236-8744 or write to us via email.

DWI Possible Outcomes

Before looking at the services that we offer to you, let’s look at the possible outcomes that you face if found guilty of the DWI charge. It is important to note that DWI is a serious criminal charge that has many possible consequences.

If found guilty of the charge, you risk falling out with your family, losing your license, paying hefty fines, being terminated from employment, or being incarcerated. This being the case, it is wise to seek an experienced DWI attorney when arrested of the charge, so that they can ensure that your charges are thrown out of the window. 

Our Services

Owing to the strict penalties of being convicted of a DWI charge, we always work around the clock to help our clients get off the hook. We do this by helping you to navigate the strenuous legal processes so that you can get a fair hearing. We also do all we can to ensure that your rights are protected and you are not exploited by prosecutors. We do thoroughly scrutinize the merits and demerits of your case so that we can find loopholes to pick with prosecutors, as we try to secure a successful outcome of the case. Our experienced attorneys always work day and night for your well-being. 

Why Choose Us

To start with, we are the best criminal law firm in Houston that deals with DWI cases only. This means that we have great expertise in these types of cases which increases your chances of success. We have a perfect record when it comes to the DWI cases due to our experience and excellent comprehension of our laws. We have experienced DWI attorneys in our team who burn the midnight oil doing all they can to secure your acquittal. We also do not charge any consultation fee once you book an appointment with us. 

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