Proficient DUI Offense Attorney, DWI Lawyer & DWI Defense Attorney In Stilson, TX

Being arrested for DWI is not the final outcome, but the beginning of a new and long process. That is why you need to hire an attorney that specializes in the sector to secure a successful outcome. Jim Butler, the founder of Butler Law Firm, has been licensed as a DWI attorney for the 24 years of experience that he has practiced.

We are therefore the best law firm to contact once you are arrested and accused of the charge. It is important to note that we do not endorse drunk driving; however, we appreciate the fact that many innocent people are arrested off the charge. That is the reason why we are solely focused on DWI charges in order to help you alleviate your stress. Contact us RIGHT AWAY by dialing 713-236-8744 for a free consultation. 

Unlike what many people believe, driving while intoxicated is serious. That is why you are advised to contact a DWI attorney once you are arrested because the answer to the charge will have your driver’s license revoked within the next 40 days. If found guilty of the charge, you may experience a family fall-out, your employment might be terminated, you might be incarcerated, be asked to pay hefty fines, or your license revoked or suspended. Nonetheless, once we are your DWI attorney, we will do all that it takes to ensure a successful outcome of the case. 

Butler law firm amasses all the experience that you need to ensure that your criminal chance is thrown out of the door. We walk with you through the whole process of the law because we know the buttons to press and the path to follow. We also ensure that your rights are protected at all costs during the process, thus helping to alleviate your stress and exploitation by the prosecutors. We also study the merits and demerits of your case and come up with the best defense which will stun the prosecutors and prove your innocence. You are therefore safe whenever you let us be behind the wheels in your DWI case. 

We are the best Houston based criminal law firm in the country. We have specialized in representing people who have been charged with DWI in court, which speaks on our expertise. We also work with the best DWI attorneys in our team to ensure that we secure a successful outcome on your case while protecting your sanity and dignity. If the 24 years that we have represented our clients on their DWI charges, you can rest easy once we are responsible for the sail of your case.

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