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Working as an authorized attorney, Jim Butler has been in this field for 24 years. He has saved his clients the risk of jail imprisonment, which would have put their livelihoods at stake. Presently, Jim is utterly dedicated to cases involving DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). Although he does not encourage drug-influenced or drunk driving, Jim presumes that way too many innocent people are in essentially put behind bars, which was his major motivation to become a DUI lawyer.

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Driving While Intoxicated, abbreviated as DWI, is a weighty offense and cannot be overlooked. The culprit should find a Houston attorney that is fully devoted to DWI defense. The offense can lead to very bad repercussions if a person is found guilty. They can include a revocation of the offender’s driving license, family fall-out, loss of employment and even imprisonment.

For those charged with the crime, you have the chance to change your fate by working with an experienced attorney who knows the law well enough to prove your innocence. Do not wait for such consequences to befall you when you can influence your outcome positively. Give Jim Butler, of The Butler Law Firm, a buzz today and get the chance to have someone with such level of experience defend you. An experienced lawyer has a good understanding of the law and can even bend it to your advantage. Jim will take you through the legal process protecting your rights while at the same time respecting the law. All the clients that he has worked with leave positive feedback when the case is done.

Consider this, trusting a less experienced lawyer to defend you against such charges can result to a negative outcome. Are you really ready to risk losing your job, getting your license suspended or even ending up in prison when you have someone that can prove your innocence in court? The Butler Law Firm is here to ensure that such repercussions don’t befall you. If you choose us, you will not regret. Mr. Butler, who has a 24-year experience as earlier stated, is only a call away.

A DWI charge could majorly affect you and your family if proven guilty. Supposing you are your family’s breadwinner, what would your loved ones live on if you lost your job? The revocation of your driving license will begin 40 days after the charge was made if you do not take any measures.

Mr. Butler, the owner of this Houston- based criminal law office, will put all his efforts into resolving his client’s cases without avoiding the law but using it to their advantage. Make your call today and get a free consultation.

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