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Do You need help with DWI or DUI case? Are you going to let the dice decide your fate? Let us take a look at your case to see how we can help you. Regardless of the outcome, our main concern is you and helping you move forward.

If charged with a DWI (driving while intoxicated), you need a DWI attorney whose law practice is only DWI defense, since DWI is highly complex.

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The Butler Law Firm has been licensed for 24 years. Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm specializes in DWI defense. With over 24 years of experience of service specializing only DWI cases, the firm now truly is the go-to for all DWI needs.

Attorney Jim Butler believes that his clients deserve the best possible representation so that a simple mistake, does not cost them a lot of damage and suffering. Mr. Butler has worked for 24 years as a DWI lawyer, and during that time he has helped many individuals avoid jail time and enabling them to keep their jobs and licenses. 

His goal is to help his clients return to normal productive lives.

The Butler Law Firm has experience in finding people a positive outcome throughout the complex legal process. This law firm dedicates its time and energy to focus on DWI cases and helping people like you get your lives back.

A DWI charge is a very serious one that can have substantial consequences. It is so important that those who are charged to seek experienced legal representation. Without legal help, the accused could face the possibility of their license being suspended, or revoked, family problems, job loss, and even jail time.

A DWI charge requires immediate legal help, which the Butler Law Firm can provide. They will review the entire process to determine that the law was followed and take appropriate action to minimize the consequence of arrest. Mr. Butler is 100% committed to ensuring that his clients get the best possible representation.

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Rest assured that the Butler Law firm knows the best process to help you achieve the results that you need for your case and can use their skills to help you get there.

Let the law office of Jim Butler help you beat your DWI case. Beyond genuinely caring for his clients, Jim Butler is one of the only attorneys in Houston to only cater to DWI cases.

Were you charged with DWI recently? Contact The Butler Law Firm to find out what you should do. Save your license and protect your future!

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