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Butler Law Firm is an experienced law firm in DWI cases. This is to help individuals who are charged with the criminal offense of DWI or DUI. Our expertise guarantees you the best outcome possible for your case. It also guarantees the protection of your rights through the law process.

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Anyone who faces a DWI charge should seek a Houston Attorney. This is because Driving while intoxicated charge is a very crucial charge. It could lead to very disturbing consequences. Getting a Houston lawyer will limit the individual to a DWI defense. One way to determine a good lawyer is based on experience.
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Jim Butler is a licensed attorney for 24 years. He is the owner of this Houston based criminal law office. He is not just experienced but is also passionate about helping his clients. Jim Butler has devoted his time 100% on DWI cases. He does not support drinking and driving, but he believes that there are many people who are arrested needlessly. That is why he helps his clients get out of jail time, therefore keeping their jobs, which would otherwise cause them and their family’s losses emotionally and financially. As you plan to discuss your case with Mr. Butler note that he also gives free consultation.
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DWI attracts several consequences, for example, one may not get jobs that entail driving, like driving a school bus or a delivery van, and if one’s license is suspended because of the hit the driver’s insurance company could greatly increase rates to the person’s driving record. 

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An experience of 24 years is a guarantee for successful results. Butler Law Firm has enough experience to help you with your DWI case. If you call today you have a chance to discuss your case and get a free consultation. You do not have to go through the struggles of a DWI charge, and your family I bet is too precious to you and you don’t want them either, to go through the pain.

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The consequences that come with a DWI charge include termination of employment, the family falls out, driver’s license revocation, and incarceration. This would definitely affect a family. Other additional costs include using public transport for errands, going to work, doing shopping, and other family activities. In addition to his one could get a jail time of up to 6 months, and on which the court can impose some high fines. 

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