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Drunk driving is a known killer on our roads and Butler Law Firm does not purport to support in any way, such deliberate offenders. However, just as a murderer commits the most heinous crime against humanity and the law demands legal representation for them so does the DWI deserve the same. It is in this spirit of the law that Jim Butler represents those facing DWI charges with a view to protecting their rights under the law. Sometimes, and in fact, most times innocent drivers are wrongly arrested and once charged it is their word against the police officer’s leaving them with an uphill task to prove their innocence. This is because any average driver on our roads has no knowledge of the laws that govern the various traffic offenses and would not know how to defend themselves.

Butler Law Firm and Jim Butler have this advantage and are best qualified to successfully defend the rights of such a driver. As a driver facing DUI charges, make sure you contact a good lawyer, in this case, Jim Butler to guide you through the legal process while protecting your rights.

Call Jim Butler on (713) 236-8744 Now and You will be Happy You did!

It takes passion, experience, and hard work to make a brilliant attorney in any field of law practice. Jim Butler has all these attributes and more. He chose to specialize in DWI law and stuck with it for the last 24 years to exclusion of all else.

At Butler Law Firm, only one type of case is handled, the DWI and this they receive in the hundreds. This specialization has given him a superior understanding of the law in this field that many lawyers handling multiple categories of case types may not have. You simply cannot go wrong with Jim Butler handling your case. You can rest easy in the knowledge that Jim Butler will get you a good outcome. Do not wait, do not think twice about it – reach for your phone and call Jim Butler today!

Allow Jim Butler and the Butler Law Firm Repair the DWI Damage!

A specialized and experienced attorney like Jim Butler does not grope around in the darkness looking for what to help win the case for you. He already has requisite knowledge and expertise to deploy immediately in your defense. So wisely choose a seasoned legal expert to handle your DWI case and call Jim Butler at Butler Law Firm today.

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