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Our goal is defending your DWI charges!

If you find yourself in the stressful position of being charged with a DWI, immediately reach out to The Butler Law Firm, which is a firm focused completely on DWI cases and doing everything possible under the law to help you in this difficult situation!

Being charged with a DWI is not a light matter as in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to an arrest and total uprooting of your and your family’s life. It is very important to look for an attorney with the required experience and expertise in dealing with DWI cases to help your situation. Mr. Jim Butler has been a licensed attorney since the past 24 years and currently, he only takes up DWI cases. This much involvement with such cases has given him the tools necessary to help you find the best solution for your problem. His work should not be confused with him encouraging drunk driving as he took an interest in this area because he feels that a lot of people are “unnecessary arrested” under a DWI charge and his goal is to help such people. 

What to do when charged with a DWI can be confusing and should be thought about in detail. A DWI can lead to your license getting suspended which means you won’t be able to drive and will have to rely on other modes of transport for all your commuting needs! The conviction can also lead to you losing your job and many difficulties for your family. 

The first step to take in this position is to give Mr. Jim Butler a call on (713) 236-8744 and receive a free consultation. You can explain your facts and ask for the possible solutions on the call as that will provide you with more clarity as to what you should do! 

You can also contact The Butler Law Firm through e-mail to ask your questions and sinus the options. The firm has been licensed for 24 years and Jim Butler is the owner of the firm. 

Handling a DWI charge is very technical and difficult as it involves a lot of legal processes. There are many factors to take care of fines, loss of license, incarnation, etc. You have to actively take steps in order to make sure that you don’t get your license suspended and you need legal aid to know the right things to do. 

The Butler Law Firm has the correct knowledge and tools needed to deliver a positive outcome out of a criminal offense of DWI. The firm will ensure that your rights don’t get violated and a just procedure is followed. 

Save precious time and call us immediately if you or any of your friends and family need help!

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