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f you have a DWI charge, this is the right place to go!

The Butler Law Firm specializes in dealing with DWI’s and has 24 years of experience in helping people who have found themselves in such a situation! A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge can be extremely stressful as a conviction can mean you either lose your license or might even have to go to jail.

If you find yourself in such a situation, immediately get in touch with Jim Butler, the owner of The Butler Firm as he can provide you with the best possible solutions for your case. He has been a licensed attorney for 24 years and currently takes only DWI cases. You will find out that it is always better to go to someone who specializes in the area instead of someone who does everything as the specific experience helps out a lot in knowing the technical things and ways to get out of it. 

Jim decided to become a DUI (Driving Under Influence) lawyer not because he supports people drinking and driving, but because he believes that a lot of people are “needlessly arrested” under this charge without following the due process laid down by the law. He aims to help such people and make sure that they do not suffer injustice because of a false charge. 

You can get in touch with Jim Butler by calling him on (713) 236-8744, and receive a free consultation where you can discuss your case and the possible solutions with him!

You should understand that a DWI charge is very serious and should not take it lightly. It is a time-sensitive issue as your license can get suspended 40 days after the charge was framed. The suspension of the license will cause you great inconvenience as it will make you dependent on other form go transport for your daily commute and for chores. You will not be able to drive for a long time. A conviction can also lead to an arrest and that will mentally and physically affect you a lot. It might result in you losing your job, a family fall-out, your family members not being able to support themselves financially, etc. These outcomes can be prevented if you take help from someone who is experienced enough and knows how to work the law and protect your rights. Therefore, it is extremely important to put great thought into finding an attorney who will have the expertise required to help you. 

The Butler Law Firm has the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure that the people charged with a DWI have a fair chance of a positive outcome. Mr. Butler is very successful and you can rest assured that he will do everything possible under the law to help you. 

Do not waste any more time and immediately contact him for a free consultation!

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