A Guide To Researching Houston DUI Records & How They Can Affect You

What Is In Drunk Driving Records In Houston

The information on record in a DUI charge could potentially hurt the convicted person’s reputation. DWI and DUI charges are leveled against people who drive while intoxicated. Their alcohol or intoxication levels are above the national legal limit of .08, which amounts to a criminal offense.

DUI rules apply even when the driver is intoxicated as the vehicle is parked. Furthermore, have an open alcoholic beverage in the car is illegal. Officers can conduct sobriety tests using a breathalyzer or asking the driver to walk in a straight line to determine if they are intoxicated. Failure to take the sobriety test will force the police to detain the driver, who must undergo a urine or blood test after being processed.

DUI Helpful Ideas in HoustonDrunk Driving Records Are Criminal Records

DUI or DWI charges are filed as criminal records in the public domain for anyone to access. Once a person is arrested for drunk driving, the arresting officer takes their license and then fills out the license revocation or suspension. The DMV often revokes or suspends the licenses of drivers with a drunk driving offense. You can run a criminal record search to find an individual’s DUI or DWI information since it is listed as a criminal offense.

How To Lookup Drunk Driving Records

Drunk Driving Records (DUI/DWI) records are open to the public after the court’s ruling. A name search online is one of the quickest ways of looking up drunk driving records. The information you find can reveal a lot regarding someone. DWI or DUI records could include documents like arrests, transcripts, accident incidents, police reports, court proceedings, and transcripts taken during hearings.

In the information given, you will first the person’s first and last name and where they reside. Such details can be found via the public record repositories or the DMV. Once you find the DUI or DWI records you want, it would be best to verify that you found the right person, and the details are correct, checking on their age and confirming their address. It is not uncommon for people to share the same names; therefore, expect to find multiple results in your search. The age and address will help distinguish one person from the rest with similar names.

How Can Your Drunk Driving Records Affect You?

When a police officer determines you have committed a criminal offense by driving while intoxicated, the consequence of your conduct includes losing your driver’s license. Furthermore, your DUI or DWI record will be available to the public. That means potential employers will find this information when doing background checks on you. Your insurance rate will also go higher, or your provider can cancel your policy. In some instances, courts can rule unfavorably in a child custody case if you are a drunk driving repeat offender. Rental applications can also be denied if the landlord or real estate agencies find you have DUI/DWI convictions.

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