DWI Lawyers In Houston: How They Can Help You?

4 Good Reasons To Hire DWI Attorney

1. Having An Attorney On Your Side Can Make All The Difference

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you may be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney. This is particularly so if you already believe that you are guilty of the offense. However, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, having an attorney on your side will be crucial in ensuring the best possible outcome in your case.

DUI Law Texas - Butler Law Firm - The Houston DWI Lawyer 2. A DUI Attorney Ensures That Your Rights Are Protected

Getting a DUI charge essentially puts you in the crosshairs of the entire criminal judicial system. Keep in mind that the top priority for police officers and prosecutors is getting as many cases across as possible with you ending up behind bars. Ensuring that your rights are protected is the least of their concerns. Even though your rights as a criminal defendant are provided for in the constitution, they are not always exercised. But an attorney draws on his/her expertise and experience to ensure that they are exercised.

3. A DUI Attorney Is Familiar With The Court System & Procedures

The last thing you’d want to do when facing a DUI charge is to represent yourself. With your freedom and license hanging in the balance, your best option is to leave this crucial task to an expert. An experienced DUI attorney knows the prosecutors, judges, and other parties involved in the process, which improves your chances of success in your case.

4. A DUI Attorney Asks All The Right Questions

A DUI lawyer brings into question all important aspects of your case including the handling and accuracy of the breath test, the legality of the police officer pulling you over in the first place, and whether the evidence was collected and stored correctly. These are some of the key questions that can mean the difference between a guilty verdict and a much-desired case dismissal. Even if you are found guilty of the offense, an attorney will be able to work their magic to minimize the penalties and potential consequences on your life for example, securing a work permit to allow you to continue driving to work.

What If I Know I’m Guilty? Do I Still Need A Lawyer?

Just because an attorney fails to get your charges dismissed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they failed. Having an attorney on your side will have a significant influence the outcome of your case, even if you are found guilty. As also noted above, your attorney will work towards achieving lessened, alternative, or delayed sentencing, which puts you at a much better position than the alternative.

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