Finding A Work After DUI Offense

A Step-By-Step Guide To Get A Job After DUI Conviction

On the grand scale of criminal activity, a DUI conviction is on the lighter side of the spectrum. However, having a DUI on your record can prove to be very problematic when it comes to finding and keeping employment, especially if the said job involves driving. In this article, we are going to take a look at how having a DUI can affect your employment as well as the top tips for minimizing the effects of a DUI arrest or conviction.

DUI Convictions & Criminal Record Checks

In most states, including Texas, driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense – even a first offense. First-time and second-time DUI convictions are classified as a misdemeanor while a third or subsequent DUI conviction is classified as a felony in the majority of states.

This means that if you get a DUI conviction, it will show up on criminal record checks performed by potential employers, which can hurt your chances of securing employment.

Which Employers Are Concerned About DUI Convictions?

DUI Guide Arrest in Houston Having a DUI on your criminal record may or may not affect your ability to find a job or keep your current one, depending on the industry. While some sectors are more accommodative, others are quite strict when it comes to their workers having a DUI record. These types of jobs include those:

  • in law enforcement
  • in education
  • that involve taking care of children or vulnerable groups
  • that involve operating heavy machinery
  • in healthcare
  • with the government

While an employer may not be entirely prohibited from hiring someone with a DUI record, the main problem is that, compared to someone with a clean record, applicants with a conviction will have a less chance of being selected for the job thanks to the conviction.

What To Do To Keep A DUI Conviction From Affecting Your Employment Opportunities

Getting arrested for driving under the influence doesn’t automatically mean that you will lose your job or that your job application won’t be considered. In most cases, there are options available to help you minimize the effect of a DUI arrest on your employment and employability.

Avoiding A DUI Conviction

The majority of states offer first-offender programs that allow you to avoid a DUI conviction by completing certain requirements. Typically, first-offender programs require you to comply with drug and alcohol tests as well as some type of treatment or a course on substance abuse.

Expungements & Clearing Your Record

Some states allow for the expungement of DUI convictions. However, different states will have different expungement requirements and procedures. The best thing about expungements is that you are allowed to truthfully report on your job applications that you don’t have a criminal conviction.

Restricted & Hardship Licenses

The majority of states have some kind of restricted or hardship license that provides DUI offenders with limited driving privileges during the license suspension period. Compared to the alternative, a restricted license can significantly help to minimize the effects of having a suspended license. However, it is important to keep in mind that commercial drivers aren’t typically eligible for a restricted license. Also, drivers who are eligible for a restricted license might be required to install an ignition interlock device or adhere to other requirements and restrictions.

Passage Of Time

While the passage of time won’t make your DUI conviction just go away, potential employers are more likely to overlook DUI convictions that happened many years ago. The more the time that has passed since your conviction, the less likely it is to have an impact on your employment opportunities.

Working With An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer In Houston

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