What You Should Do Not To Get A Houston DUI Charge

5 Helpful Tips To Avoid Drunk Driving In Houston

It’s hard to believe that a person loses their life every 50 minutes in the US due to a drunk driving collision. Almost a third of the deadly traffic crashes that took place in 2016 involved a drunk driver. In 2016, more than a million individuals were arrested because they were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In short, drunk driving is much more common than people realize. It’s possible to avoid arrests, deaths, and injuries. Here are a few tips to prevent drunk driving.

1. Designated Driver

One of the best ways to avoid drunk driving is to plan ahead. If you’re going out to drink with your friends, one person in the group should be the designated driver. It will allow everyone to have fun and remain safe. Also, each person in the group should fulfill the role of the designated driver, in turn, every time you go out.

2. Take A Breathalyzer Test

Breathalyzer tests are offered by some bars. Don’t think of these as a party trick to brag about the highest alcohol content in the blood. Breathalyzer tests offer a real way to help you realize the current level of alcohol in your blood and it should be used to decide whether it’s right for you to drive or not.

3. Stick To Your Limits

Everyone knows their limits. When you are going out and you’re going to drink, you need to know your limit. You already understand how you’re going to feel once you have a certain number of drinks. Always stick to your limits.

4. Get A Taxi

These days, it is extremely easy to get a taxi or rideshare. You just need to download one of the popular rideshare apps in your location and update your information. If you manage to exceed your limit while drinking, you should get a taxi and ask one of your sober friends to take your vehicle home. The other alternative is for you to come back the next morning to get your vehicle. It might seem like a lot of work but it’s a much safer and better alternative than going to jail or injuring someone or ending up dead.

5. Don’t Let A Drunk Person Drive

If someone volunteers to drop you home, you first need to ensure that they are sober enough to drive. Better safe than sorry. If a friend of yours is making a bad decision, you should always volunteer to drop them home or ask them to come with you. They will thank you for your gesture once they get sober.

You should also give a call to the police to report a driver who seems to be driving under the influence. Some of the common signs of driving under influence include making abrupt turns without any signal, getting too close to other objects or vehicles, swerving, unpredictable braking, or driving the vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

DWI Lawyer In Houston

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