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Defending Driving While Intoxicated Charges

Butler Law is a firm that focuses on defending a driver from driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under influence (DUI) charges. Defending you from the charges is our top priority and we take pride in attending to your case whenever you are in need.

Our firm has a lawyer who has focused all his time and energy on dealing with driving under influence cases. This lawyer is known as Jim Butler and currently, 100% of his cases are DWI cases. He is a licensed attorney who boasts of 24years of law practice. This does not mean that Jim is a supporter of drunk driving. Instead, he believes many people get arrested for almost no concrete reason, thus end up losing their jobs or other sources of income, causing financial suffering to them and their families.

DUI/DWI is a serious charge, and anyone accused of this offense should be conscious of the magnitude of the issue at hand, thus they should seek the services of a Houston-based attorney who devotes his/her time to defending DUI offenders. If driving under influence offender is found guilty, they risk facing tough consequences which include but are not limited to suspension of your driver’s license, repealing of your driver’s license, losing your job, family problems, and incarceration.

Being charged with driving under influence is the start of a lengthy legal process, but doesn’t determine the outcome of your case. The law involves many technical issues which range from getting convicted, revocation of license, payment of fines, and incarceration, and all these are not guaranteed. For you to have a good chance of winning a case, an experienced lawyer has to be involved as they play an important role in protecting your rights and help you understand and get through the legal processes. We have the required experience to defend offenders charged with driving under influence. This gives us a good chance of having a victorious outcome and in the process, ensure the rights of the accused are protected.

People who are facing DUI charges are advised to contact Jim Butler, the owner of the Houston-based criminal office, either on-call or on email for consultation and the discussion of their case. A DUI charge is likely to increase your transportation cost and time taken to commute. When an accused DUI offender does nothing, it will take 40 days since the reporting of the charge for their license to be suspended.

Jim Butler can be reached via mobile phone using (713) 236-8744, and you can be assured that he will use every means to his disposal which is within the law to solve the issue.

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