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Why Need The Butler Law Firm For Your DWI Charge

Uncertain stressful situations like getting a DWI can bring unwarranted anxiety when you have no idea who or where to resort to for professional legal aid. Luckily Houston’s very own Jim Butler from (the Butler firm) has got you covered with 100% determination to handling your case with the utmost regard.

Here’s why you better call Jim butler for professional assistance

Jim, a licensed professional for over twenty-four years aids in getting his clients’ charges dismissed with no jail time ensuring they don’t experience any financial stain from losing their jobs.  

Jim’s soul purpose is handling (driving while intoxicated) cases. He devotes his energy and expertise to these kinds of cases not only to build his repertoire but to also help those in need of his assistance.

Though he does not necessarily condone “drunk driving” he believes that a lot of innocent people are given unfair trials or get bad representation from their council and end up in jail. This injustice is what made him a DUI (driving under the influence) attorney. His dedication to his craft makes him a worthy choice when seeking legal aid. 

Getting a DWI charge means that you ought to understand the severity of the offense and the possible repercussions that might ensue. Being arrested is only the beginning of the legal process.  Probable convictions to the crime include the immediate suspension of your driver’s license, possible termination of your job, and even in some instances incarceration. 

It’s important to remember a DWI charge does not entirely mean that everything’s set in stone. Nothing is determined until you are proven guilty. The beauty of the law is that convictions are not automatic. 

If you are looking for the best outcome, try hiring a skilled attorney who will help you through the process, and ensure your rights are protected. Preferably a lawyer that only represents DWI (driving while intoxicated) offenders. Another reason why you better contact Jim Butler so he can handle your case.  

A DWI has the potential of negatively affecting your life and that of your loved ones. From having continuous fallouts because now that your license has been revoked you can hardly do small tasks like run errands. In addition, you may incur other unnecessary costs like using the bus to go to places. 

For the best chances in making the process less stressful and long, make it a point that you get the best form of representation if you are charged with an offense of DUI or a DWI. The experience from handling such cases comes in handy. So, Better call Jim Butler if ever in a bind and get yourself free consultation on your first appointment. (713)236-8744.

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