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The Number 1 DWI Lawyer & DWI Attorney in East Houston, TX

What should you do if you just got a DWI?

It may make you feel stressed and ask yourself many questions about what is about to happen. At Butler Law Firm, we can help you get over that stress. This firm was founded and is owned and managed by Mr. Butler, a licensed attorney who has been helping clients facing DWI and related charges for more than 24 years. His advice and defense have helped arrested persons get acquittals or lean sentences in situations where they would otherwise have been dismissed from their employment. It goes without saying that a sudden loss of your employment, the source of your income, can take a serious toll on you and your family, both mentally and financially.

The reason why he is such an expert in DWI cases arises from fact that his practice comprises of 100% DWI matters and thus all his time is focused on that field. While Jim in persons does not support driving while drunk, he has the firm belief that some innocent people out there are arrested and charged with DUI without concrete evidence to support that accusation.

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Many people out there may not be aware of this, but it is the truth you can legally drive in Texas while intoxicated by alcohol. However, the law will catch up with you if the intoxication by alcohol interferes with your physical and mental faculties. According to Mr. Butler, most of the field sobriety tests have a problem. First, they will not give the complete picture, and thus, a person who has a medical condition is tired or even nervous could end up failing the test, even in a case where such person is not intoxicated.

DWI is an abbreviation of Driving While Intoxicated and once you receive it, note that it is a serious charge, and you need to get in touch with Houston attorney who is experienced in DWI defenses. Upon conviction, the DWI offense can have very severe consequences, such as having your driver’s license revoked or suspended, falling out with your family, your employment getting terminated and may even be incarcerated. Any person out there facing a DWI should know that Jim Butler of Butler Law firm can help. He has been doing this for the last 24 years. The licensed attorney can be contacted via email or call today.

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A DWI arrest marks the starting point of a long and tedious process. Thus, being charged with the offense is not a determination of the final outcome. Instead, you need to know that the law is complex and possibilities include loss of your driving license, fines, conviction, and incarceration, and there is no automatic income in any case. There will only be the likelihood of a positive outcome if you hire an experienced attorney to represent and defend you, and help protect your rights.

Butler Law Firm is very highly experienced and has all the expertise needed to ensure that every person charged with DUI or DWI offense is likely to get a successful outcome after being taken through the legal process. It will ensure that your rights are not violated at any stage of the arrest, investigations, detention or trial. Mr. Butler can be consulted for free so call him today.

DWI & DUI Cases in Texas

There is an untrue assertion, which has made people believe that you must register the level of not less than 0.8 in the blood so you can be charged with the offense of DWI. However, most people end up getting a shock of their life when they find that this is not necessarily the case. The truth is that a law enforcement officer just needs to demonstrate that from observation, the ability of the driver to control the vehicle was impaired. Check the following examples that may lead to DWI even when you are not intoxicated –

  • Correcting the course of the vehicle by serving it.
  • Driving recklessly such that your car keeps at two lanes rather than one lane as per traffic regulations.
  • Nearly knocking someone or something down.
  • Unwarranted application of emergency brakes.
  • Turning right at a red light or stop sign so quickly such that the car does not stop completely (also referred to as rolling stop).
  • Driving very slowly or too cautiously.
  • Taking too wide or too narrow turn.
  • Letting vehicle drift from one roadway side to the other.


A DWI conviction can cause loss of driving privileges for a period ranging between three months and two years. Do you hold a commercial driver’s license?

If yes, do you know that if you fail or refuse to take a breath test you may have the status of your commercial driving license revoked for one year?

In such cases, the officer that arrests may take your license and a special temporary permit which is in most cases accompanied by a notice of suspension will be issued. Mr. Butler advises that, whenever this happens, you need to ensure that your matter is heard and resolved within 15 days. Should this not happen, after 40 days from the arrest, your license will be suspended automatically.

The Best DUI Offense Attorney

The foregoing is a summarized and simplified process of what happens in DWI cases. It is very clear that you will be at a great disadvantage if you do not hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

Mr. Butler of the Butler Law Office is based in Houston and he handles all types of DWI cases. The firm has defended very many people charged with this and various related crimes. Step by step this firm takes clients to ensure they are fully informed of the steps already taken and the subsequent steps to be taken. Additionally, the firm counsels clients facing DWI charges to ensure they properly understand the legal path, which is sometimes upsetting and long. Most importantly, the firm ensures that your rights are fully protected.

Top Level DWI Legal Representation

This may have a serious effect on your personal life and that of your family. The extra costs may include the use of public transport means as you head to the work, to shopping, when doing personal stuff or in other activities for the family. Keep in mind that suspending the license will automatically happen the 40th day from the day when you were charged if you do not act fast to stop it.

The firm of Mr. Butler, based in Houston has a legal experience spanning 24 years and will do all that is possible to ensure you get the best solution. Butler Law ensures that all the procedures are duly followed and that all the procedures are followed as per the requirements of the law. The Butler Law Firm based in Houston carefully reviews the client’s case and works in consultation with District Attorney in order to explore the various options available.

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The Butler Law Firm, based in Houston is owned by Mr. Butler. This criminal law office will ensure it does everything possible to ensure you get the best solution for your case. Consultation is FREE and you can contact them via(713) 236-8744  now. Do you want to talk to Jim Butler today?

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