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Getting picked up for a DWI in Houston is no small matter. There are many ways that the criminal justice system can ensure your life is miserable if are convicted of a DWI and, therefore, you require to work with a Houston Top and experienced DWI lawyer who comprehends what you are facing. For a DWI lawyer based in Houston, the stakes are always high for their clients.

Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm understands the stakes involved in DWI cases, as his law practice is 100% DWI Defense. His record of success in the courtroom reflects his experience and indicates the amount of sheer hard work he will put into every case he handles. He provides high-level DWI representation, at a reasonable flat rate.

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If you are pulled over for a DWI, It will be out of necessity that you fight the charges. There are circumstances that individuals end up in that make them believe it is not worth it to fight the charges. It is always worth it to fight for you and Jim Butler believes that with all his heart. There are circumstances law enforcement does not stick to procedure and charges may get dropped. There are also situations where a good attorney for DWI in Houston such as Jim may get your charges reduced, even though that never crossed your mind. Never allow prevailing circumstances to make you believe it is not worth it to fight for your rights.

Jim Butler assists his clients to avoid jail time because of DWI (driving while intoxicated) where they could have lost incomes, have their car impounded, lose driving privileges, encounter increased insurance fees, leading to them and their families suffering both financial and mental anguish. He has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney. Been an outstanding citizen of Houston, he in no way approves drunk driving, but he believes that many innocent individuals are ‘” pointlessly arrested”, which is a major reason why he becomes a DWI lawyer.

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A major common reason individuals give up on defending themselves against a DWI is the fact that they were intoxicated. It is still necessary to contact a DWI lawyer in Houston such as Mr. Butler if that was the case for you. Keep it in mind, that even if you were intoxicated, that does not imply you will necessarily have to endure the harshest penalty for drunk driving. If you hire a good attorney such as Jim Butler, you have the opportunity of getting reduced charges or even in some cases have those charges dismissed entirely!

Jim Butler offers free confidential consultation, either by phone or in-person providing you unmatched DWI legal representation. He also has weekend appointments available. The Butler Law Firm accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment, and in some cases, payment plans can be arranged. All this is to ensure that you can access legal DWI representation at affordable flat rates.

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There may be unconsidered factors in your DWI case that could change the nature of it considerably. For instance, if field sobriety tests were not administered properly, that may work in your favor. If you had a medical prescription that reacted with an alcohol to amplify the effects, that may be considered as well. Houston’s DWI laws are inconsiderate and are intended to punish those assumed to be so reckless that they would drive while intoxicated. Nonetheless, not everyone who gets charged with DWI, however, was being deliberately reckless. And Jim will ensure that the truth will come out.

The Butler Law firm handles DWI cases specifically. They have a proven track record and Jim Butler has numerous law accolades and honors to his name to attest to his level of experience and expertise. They believe that like any other legal situation, your DWI case is unique and they are the right attorneys to represent you in your criminal case. Jim Butler has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney so he is a sure and proven best for your DWI case!

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