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For 24 years Jim Butler has been licensed as an attorney. Jim Butler is the kind of a person who comes to the aid of those people who have lost their jobs. And end up causing themselves together with their families to continue suffering in financial and mental way.100% of Jim’s cases are currently DWI charges that occur while driving intoxicated.

Currently, he has been devoting all his time to cases of these kinds. It’s not Jim encourages drunk driving but only that he believes many innocent people do not need to be arrested. This is the major reason as to why he is now a DWI lawyer.

Jim Can Facilitate For DWI And DUI Offenses Depending On Your Particular Case

For any person given the DWI offense meaning driving while intoxicated, should know that is a very serious charge. If charged and found guilty the offender could face some serious consequences. The reason they should look for a Houston attorney that deals with such cases as soon as possible. The consequences may include your driver’s license being suspended or revoked. You may have a fall out with your family, your employment may be terminated or canceled if you happen to be facing a DWI, and Jim Butler has had a license for 24 years.

Contact us or email us today. If you are arrested for this crime it will be a long process of being charged with the crime does not mean its over. You will find out the law is comprised of very technical issues and convictions, you may be fined, lose your license and incarceration. Of all those issue none of them is easy. If you are able to get yourself a good at attorney he could help with the legal process and even protect your rights.

At Jim Butler Law Firm We Pride Ourselves On Taking Care Of Each And Every One Of Our Clients and their needs

In this Butler law firm, there is the expertise you need to ensure that you are successful in facing the DWI charges and following the rule of law your rights will be protected, for the details of your case you should immediately contact Jim Butler. You could lose your driving privileges for about 90 days up to 2 years. For the ones that hold a commercial driver’s license and fail or deny having a breath test, it means the license is revoked for one year.

The police officer who is taking the test may have your license and then give you a temporary permit which will come with a notice of suspension. If this happens you should request for a hearing within a period of fifteen days or it may result in suspension 40 days after the arrest.

Please Contact Our Offices And Find Out For Yourselves Why We Are The Very Best

Regarding the matter in the process of law, this will only represent a couple of steps. You can well see that without the help of an attorney you will definitely not know how to go ahead effectively and get the results you so wish for. At Butler’s law office Mr. Jim is a very experienced attorney in Houston since he understands the complexities of the charges that come with DWI.

This law firm has been able to defend a large number of people who are charged with this crime.in this firm, you are taken through the process and fully informed along the way in his office you are counseled on how to be patient with this very long path as it makes sure that your rights are protected. In a great way, this could bring a big impact on your life, family, and work. There is some additional cost which might include transport for to and from work. For shopping and other family activities. If you do nothing your license could be suspended 40 days after your charges. With Mr. Butler, you can get all the assistance you need. As you have learned that he has been in the field practicing for 24 years.

The Butler law ensures that all the procedures are followed to the end and if any evidence was collected it’s processed as required by law. The firm which is Houston based then fully reviews the case with the District’s attorney office and weigh on the possible options. Mr. Butler is ready to do all things possible under the law to resolve any of your issues the best way. If you are facing the DWI charges it is good to immediately contact Mr. Butler law firm and get the free consultation ASAP.

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