Sugar Land, TX DUI Defense Attorney & Criminal Defense Attorney

In case you have been wondering how to save yourself now that you are an alleged victim of driving while intoxicated, there are some legal processes that you can follow and also the Butlers law firm is here to offer their services. They will ensure that you do not get convicted for driving while intoxicated. These charges could be so tough even to your career. Located in Houston Texas is the Butlers law firm whose main objective is to ensure that your case is well represented in the court. They help the clients to clear their names in the justice department. The qualified attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that the client is not convicted. For the longest time, they have registered many successful, cases for the clients they represented in court

It is no doubt that so many people do not have any idea on their right when the issue of driving while intoxicated comes up. There are some factors you should be aware of when the authorities stop you for the alcohol blood test. For example, if you are tired, nervous or suffering from an illness. Such facts can make you fail the blood test and get charged. Otherwise, it is not illegal to drive while intoxicated as long as your mind stable and can make good decisions. The trial has to read above 0.08 as it is the standard measure for the drink and drive. If you also need more information, you can contact the Butler law firm in the offices or call the number 713 236 8744.

You will be required to make some critical decisions when it comes to representing yourself in court. A strong defense is needed. Otherwise, you might find yourself on a rough path. This is where the Butler law firm will come in. The best attorneys are found here, and they will ensure to give the best advice to see that you are not convicted. They will assist you to build a strong defense and have a clear understanding of the options you have for the case.

When the authorities charge you with driving while intoxicated, they will file your case in the court and spell out your mistakes waiting for your punishment. If you do not defend yourself better, it will be assumed that you agreed to the charges. In this period you will require some legal representation. Jim Butler and his firm have all the knowledge needed to argue your case in court. They will ensure that you do not get convicted, or your punishment is, and you can get a fair hearing, they have all the experience since they have done similar cases and emerged successfully. You will get the possibility of walking scot-free.

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