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Jim Butler is the Best Qualified DWI Attorney in McNair, Texas

Do not Let a DWI charge bring You Down, Call Jim Butler for Help!

It is not wise to fall victim to “needless arrest” and then voluntarily through indifference, ignorance, or inaction proceed to suffer “needless conviction” in a matter that was not legally fatal in the first place or “ab initio” as they say in legal jargon.

Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm is an accomplished practicing lawyer with particular expertise and long experience defending clients faced with DWI charges and is always available to those in need giving free first-time consultation on phone. 

Remember Jim Butler and this Number (713)236-8744!

For over 24 years, Jim Butler through his Butler Law Firm has helped countless clients escape conviction on DWI charges that were baseless in law from start. Jim Butler does not represent DWI clients because he supports drunk driving, but because he has noticed from experience that there is some ambiguity in the DWI law by which officers sometimes wrongly evaluate a driver as drunk. Most drivers booked for DWI offenses do not take the matter seriously at the time it happens losing valuable time for legal intervention.

Law thrives on technicalities and even such simple things as filing a defense minutes after expiry of the stipulated time defeats a litigant’s cause despite their innocence. It is important, in fact, critical that you contact Butler Law Firm immediately you are booked or at least before the expiry of fifteen days to stand a chance at being heard. Certain punitive measures like suspension of license start going into effect automatically after this period.

Butler Law Firm is involved in no other type of litigation except defending DWI clients. What this means is that you are the only type of client we serve, so you get specialized assistance and maximum attention the moment you walk into our offices. We have done our research well to cover any violations of law that may adversely affect an innocent motorist. Do not gamble with your life and that of your family by ignoring a DWI charge, move with speed, and get help at Butler Law Firm.

Being charged does not automatically lead to convictions, but only if you seek legal help in time. However, consequences are heavy and life-changing if you do nothing about it and are convicted. Do not waste your chance to prove your innocence, call Jim Butler, (713) 236-8744, now for a free consultation! 

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