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Jim Butler is good at what he does and has been at it consistently for over 24 years to date, helping many clients facing DWI charges avoid incarceration and huge fines. Through the Butler Law Firm that he founded, he has restricted himself to handling DWI cases only and does not touch any other. This way, Jim Butler has amassed a lot of experience in DWI litigation that he uses well to get very good outcomes for his clients.

His intervention has not only saved his clients from possible jail terms, but jobs and income as well which have can make or break families. This does not mean that Jim Butler and the Butler Law Firm promotes drunk driving, but only offer legal help to drivers who may have been wrongly assumed to be driving while intoxicated. Through the due process of law, Jim Butler fights for the protection of the rights of those facing DUI charges and does not use any means outside of the legal framework.

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DWI charges are as mild as sometimes drivers think they are, especially when convicted. The consequences are heavy and can have a negative impact on one’s life and that of loved ones. Depending on the severity of the charge, a driver could be slapped with a huge fine messing up their financial security and the standards of living for their families. For those working as drivers, a revocation, or suspension of their driving license means automatic loss of job and income an outcome that can be devastating to their family and personal life. Finally, one could be sentenced to jail for whatever period the court will deem fit – another very depressing outcome.

Any of the above outcomes are undesirable and highly punitive but can be avoided if indeed the driver had some degree of innocence. At Butler Law Firm, Jim only handles such cases and should know how to help you if you truly merit. Call Butler Law Firm and discuss your case with Jim Butler to find a way out for you through the due process of law. To stand any chance at getting a favorable outcome you need a lawyer whose expertise and experience is proven through a track record of successful cases handled. Jim Butler through Butler Law Firm has successfully obtained excellent outcomes for hundreds of clients over the past two decades.

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