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As a DWI matter is so disturbing, we are able to offer you support in lessening your mental anguish. Jim Butler is an approved lawyer with 24 years of experience in DWI cases. He helps people who have been accused of driving while intoxicated. When people accused of this wrongdoing are not expertly defended in court, they are likely to waste time in prison and cause themselves and their families mental and financial torture.

Jim’s main area of specialization is DWI (driving while intoxicated) and commits all his time in handling the cases. Jim does not approve of DWI but believes that many people charged of these offenses are innocent and wasting time in prison. This is the main reason why he decided o specialize in DWI to help his clients.

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You need to realize that DWI matters are grave. As such, it is important to find a lawyer in Houston who focuses on DWI cases. If you’re culpable, the fault of a DWI has many negative repercussions. These include: include suspension of driver’s license, family breakdown and termination of employment.

Due to his wide knowledge and experience in DWI matters, Jim Butler will assist get positive outcomes for your case. You can contact Jim Butler Law Firm through email or a call. To be imprisoned of a DWI offense does not determine the results of your matter. It is rather the beginning of a prolonged judicial process. This is because the law has a lot of nitty-gritty, penalties, license revocation and being nabbed. None of these are instinctive. To increase your chances of a positive result, it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney who will help you walk through the legal journey and protect your rights.

The Butler Law Firm has the experience and knowledge of defending those accused of DWI.  If you select our company for your DWI matter, you increase your probability of positive outcomes and your rights will be protected. You can get in touch with Mr. Butler to discuss the details of your case.

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A DWI has negative consequences for not only your life but the whole of your family as well. You will incur increased costs for going to work, running errands, shopping and others. If you won’t do anything, the revocation of your license will begin 40 days after you were charged. Butler’s Law Firm has the experience of helping you get positive outcomes for your case.

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