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Defending Your DWI Charges Is Our Top Priority

Are you facing a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)? Are you stressed and do not know what to do next?

Anyone should be aware of the seriousness of DWI or DUI. The offense can carry very serious consequences if found guilty. You can risk having your driver’s license suspended or revoked, terminated from employment and possibly jail time. It can also have a grave effect on your life, your family’s and those of your work colleagues’. Additional burdens can include costs on the public commute to and from work, shopping, and errand activities, and other family-related tasks. If facing this offense, look for a Houston lawyer who can limit your charge to only DWI defense.

If nothing is done, your license will be suspended for 40 days beginning from the time the charge was made. But being arrested for DWI is the beginning of a long process. Getting charged for this is not a finality in itself. The Law is a technical matter comprising of convictions, fines, loss of licenses and incarcerations, which are not automatic. To get the best possible outcome, it is important to secure an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the legal process while ensuring your rights are protected.

Butler Law Firm has the necessary experience to ensure that if charged with this criminal offense, you get the best outcome through the law process. We also ensure your rights are protected during the process. This Houston based firm has been in the Legal Field for 24 years and thus can help you achieve depending on your circumstances the best possible outcome.

This Houston-based criminal law office is owned by Mr. Butler. Mr. Jim Butler is a licensed attorney and has been for 24 years. He helps free his clients from jail time where they can risk the possibility of losing their jobs, bringing financial and mental anguish to themselves and their families. Mr. Jim currently devotes his time to cases that are 100% DWI (driving while intoxicated). Although he is not an endorser of drunk driving, he still believes a lot of innocent people are arrested needlessly. This is the main reason why he took it upon himself to become a DUI Lawyer.

Mr. Butler will do everything in his power under the provisions of the law to bring to a convenient resolution to the issue at hand. He will also help to derive the best possible option for his clients’ circumstances. So do not delay. You can give Jim Butler a call immediately on (713) 236-8744 or send him an email. You can book a free consultation for a detailed discussion of your case.

Butler Law Firm is your convenient partner in Houston. If faced with a DUI/DWI offense in Houston, they are there to help you. They will help you navigate the legal process depending on your circumstances. They will also protect your rights in the process.

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