The #1 DUI Defense Attorney & DWI Lawyers In Fulshear, TX

Driving while intoxicated charge is a very serious charge in the country, as it has very serious punishments. You can either be incarcerated, be fined a lot of money, or your driving license may be revoked. It is advisable to always make sure you are on the right side of the law. However, being charged with driving while intoxicated sometimes happens when we least expect. Nevertheless, you should never be worried about it as there are qualified and specialized attorneys who can help you get an acquittal. One such kind of a law firm is the Jim Butler.

We are a law firm that specializes in driving while intoxicated charges based in Houston, Texas. We take great pride in the number of cases that we have been able to help acquit. Choosing us increases your chances of success in the case. Call us today via our number (713) 236-8744 and we will help you get a fair hearing.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm takes great pride in being the number one driving while intoxicated law firm in the country. This has however not come out of the blues; we have worked our way to the top, owing to the high-quality services that we offer. Once you contact us to represent you for DWI charges, we stay with you all through until your case is heard and determined.

Our highly qualified attorneys will listen to the circumstances that led to the charge and make sure that they understand it. After doing that, they will then use the knowledge that they have in law to tailor the perfect defense for you, after which they will prepare all the documents that the courts needs for your case. We will then represent the defense that we have tailored for you in court, thus ensuring you get a lesser punishment or no punishment at all. You should not be stressed about being charged, as there is a way out.

Whenever you choose Jim Butler Law Firm, you will not be choosing it just by chance; you will be choosing high-quality representation, which you need at these trying times. With the 24 years’ experience that we have been able to amass, there is no driving while intoxicated ditch that we cannot be able to remove you from.

In addition, we work with the best driving while intoxicated attorneys that you will ever find the country, who work around the clock to ensure that we deliver on our mandate. Whenever you choose us to be your legal representation for your DWI charge, you increase the chances of your success in the case.

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