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Did you receive a DWI? Or are you experiencing feelings of stress without knowing the exact thing that is happening at this time? We are able to relieve some of the stresses you have.

 Butler has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney. He assists the clients he deals with to escape jail at a time where their jobs could have been lost, which can result in the suffering of clients mentally and financially. The cases that Jim currently deals with sum up to 100% DWI. All his time is devoted to cases of this type. Jim doesn’t support people who drive while drunk, but he had a belief that some people are arrested innocently, and this is what motivated him to be a lawyer of DUI. 

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Anyone offended with a DWI should know that the charge is more serious. The person who has been offended needs to seek a Houston attorney who operates only to DWI defense. In case the suspect is found guilty, he/she must face serious consequences.

The consequences to be faced include revocation of the driving license you use, fall out of the family, suspension, employment termination, and sometimes incarceration. Anyone facing a case of a DWI, there is an option for you as Jim Butler is licensed for 25 years, and he comes from the law firm called The Butler. You can make a call or reach us through email today. If you are arrested for committing a DWI crime, now you have begun a process that is very long. Being charged for committing the crime cannot tell what will come out finally. What matters in law is conviction and technical issues, license loss, incarceration, and fines, and none are automatic. To create the best way for a good result, it is wise to look for an attorney who is experienced and who is able to assist you to go through your way by following the law and ensure your rights are protected in the process.

This Law Firm contains enough experience to ensure that people charged with DUI or DWI criminal offenses have a great chance of receiving the best outcome and their legal rights are also protected by following the law. If you need a discussion of case details, then you can contact and consult Mr. Butler as fast as possible.

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A DWI has a negative impact on your life, work-life, and family life. Extra costs include using public transport to work, shopping, going for errands, and extra family activities. If a charge is made and you did not do anything, the suspension should begin after 40 days. However, you are able to receive the best outcome by contacting Mr. Butler’s firm in Houston which has a legal experience of 24 years. 

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Mr. Butler is the one who owns a criminal law-based office in Houston. He solves issues in a better way possible way for the clients by following the law. If in need of a consultation without payment, you should contact them as fast as possible.