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Butler Law Firm: The Most Efficient DWI Attorney

Coming in to successfully defend you in DWI related charges is a top priority for the Butler Law Firm located in Houston.

Jim Butler’s Law Firm deals exclusively with DWI charges and you will find their services fitting all your needs for an attorney!

Have you or someone you know been arrested for (DWI)driving while intoxicated? Have the courts slammed you with a DWI charge? Are you getting sleepless nights wondering the next course of action and what may be your fate? Do not get stressed further as we are here to help you successfully defend your case.

With over 24 years of experience, Jim Butler assists his clients to get out of jail time. By so doing, the clients’ jobs are saved thereby thwarting cases of financial and mental distress not only to the clients but also to their families that depend on them. Jim’s specialty as an attorney consists of only DWI (driving while intoxicated) related cases. His 100% devotion to DWI cases, however, does not mean that Jim endorses driving while intoxicated, but he is convinced that many people are arrested maliciously, and this is the main reason that led to Jim becoming a DWI attorney. He believes that the arrests are in most instances needless as a mere warning would go a great mile rectifying the offender.

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer to defend you in a DWI case, feel free to call Jim Butler any time on (714) 256-8324. He does not charge any fee for his consultation!

It is important to note however that a person that is slammed with a DWI criminal charge should know the fact that it carries heavy penalties as well as serious consequences. The best way out is for the offender to get a defense attorney whose specialty is only to DWI cases.

Among consequences suffered by a person found guilty of driving while intoxicated include a revoked driver’s license, tainted public image, broken family, and even job losses for the time you will be in jail. Those people charged with a DWI offense can contact Jim Butler, owner of The famous Butler Law Firm in Houston for their best defense attorney. Their 24 years of experience with DWI cases have sharpened their expertise in these kinds of cases. Feel free to call, email, or personally visit us today for a free consultation.

When you get nabbed for committing the offense of DWI, it is important to note that the arrest is usually the onset of a lengthy legal process. However, if you are charged with a DWI crime, the charge alone is not a determinant of a final verdict since the offender can easily evade trouble with the engagement of an experienced lawyer like Jim Butler. The law entails a number of technical matters and negative consequences but none of them are automatic. For the best outcome in such a legal case, it is encouraged that you have a well-experienced lawyer to assist you in successfully walk through the legal steps aimed at protecting your personal rights.

For a guarantee of the best outcome from a DWI or DUI (driving under influence) case, consider contacting Mr. Butler right away for a consultation for a discussion on matters relating to your case. There are no consultation charges levied by Jim Butler. Furthermore, he has all the experience needed to make sure that the person charged with this kind of criminal offense has all of their rights protected. Using the best possible way for his client, Jim will surely guarantee the best outcome given your circumstances.

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