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Are you a suspected driving while intoxicated victim? Are you trying to find the law firm to represent you in the courts?

Don’t get stressed the Butler Law Firm is here to ensure that you get the best legal services and get yourself acquitted of the charges. The Butler Law Firm is a criminal law office found in Houston Texas whose main objective is to help the residents of Houston and surrounding areas against suffering driving while intoxicated charges without getting a free and fair trial. With many people not accustomed to the laws that govern the driving while intoxicated charges, many of the victims of the same are being convicted right left and center due to lack of proper legal representation.

The Butler Law Firm works around the clock offering these services for everyone to get the justice that they deserve. Whenever you are arrested of drunk driving, therefore, you need not to worry as you have the answer and solution to your ordeals, which is the Butler Law Firm.

The Best Legal Representation For Your DWI OR DUI Case

Owned by a renowned attorney itself known as Jim Butler the company has a year in year out won cases regarding driving while intoxicated charges. This has, in turn, led the law firm to specialize in these charges making it the most qualified law firm in Houston to represent you in such cases. After you are caught driving while intoxicated the traffic police will serve you with a notice of suspension while taking your license.

Once he or she takes your driving license you need to ensure that he or she has given you a special temporary permit to enable you to drive. After this, you will need to make sure that you answer to the charges that he or she will have accused you of 15 days. Failure to do so, therefore, your license will automatically be revoked after 40 days as it is assumed that you have agreed to the charges that are labeled against you. Therefore, to avoid this you need a reputable legal firm to ensure you get the best representation and Butler Law Firm should be among the top legal firms that you need to consider..

DWI Lawyers

Whenever you are suspected of driving while intoxicated the first thing that the traffic police does is taking your driving license ahead of your hearing. After your case is heard and determined that you are guilty the court may decide to revoke your driving license because you are dangerous on the road. The period that your driving license is revoked is determined by the seriousness of the charge.

In case you are a direct threat to the lives of other people, your driving license can be revoked up to 2 years while the lesser time is 3 months. Revocation of your license is very severe and can hurt your career especially In case you depend on driving for a livelihood. This is because you will not be able to drive at any particular time on any road. The Butler Law Firm does all they can in helping you reduce the time that your driving license has been revoked and if possible if the charges can be done away with.   

DUI Offense in Cloverleaf, Texas

In case your driving was very dangerous while you were intoxicated, the courts may decide to lock you in jail for a certain period. The amount of time that you are incarcerated therefore is determined by the severity of your driving while intoxicated.

For instance, in case you knocked down someone while you were driving while intoxicated the amount of time that the courts may decide to lock you can be quite long. Being incarcerated is the worst punishment that the courts may rule against you in the driving while intoxicated charges. Therefore, Butler Law Firm comes in handy in making sure that this does not happen by representing you in court and proving that you are innocent. This helps you skip a jail term, which is very essential.

What Make Butler Law Firm The Best For DUI & DWI Cases

The Butler Law Firm has been in the legal business for over 24 years. This means therefore that they know all the corners and hurdles of driving while intoxicated charges. This translates into wins in many cases that they have registered over the years. With this kind of experience that they boast the Butler Law Firm knows all the processes that must be followed in case of DWI charges, how the evidence is processed, how the hearing proceedings are run which in turn makes them present a good case on your behalf. Therefore choosing the Butler Law Firm is a clear path to ensuring your freedom and your acquittal of the driving while intoxicated charges.

The Butler Law Firm has over the years been covering the cases of driving while intoxicated, what this has done therefore is made them experts in the area. This has, in turn, made them the major law firm, which deals with driving while intoxicated charges registering quite a high number of wins in the cases that they have represented their clients. By choosing Butler Law Firm to represent you in the driving while intoxicated case increases the chances of your acquittal as they know all the procedures and how the cases are handled.

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The Butler Law Firm is receiving quite a high number of positive reviews from the clients that they have served. This is a clear sign that they have managed to satisfy their customer’s needs. In addition, the law firm is receiving quite a high number of recommendation cases where their clients are being referred by their friends. This is a clear sign that the firm has a good reputation and thus choosing them increases the chances of receiving quality services just like the other clients. For any inquiries on getting the services of the Butler Law Firm, you just need to visit them in their premises which are located in Houston Texas or just call them via their number 713236 8744 which is always open during working hours

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