The #1 DWI Lawyer & DUI Defense Attorney In Seabrook, TX

When you face a DWI charge, you get so disturbed. Fortunately, we can help alleviate some of your mental torture.

Jim Butler is a licensed lawyer who has 24 years of experience. He aids people who have been charged with the offense of DWI (driving while intoxicate). If not well defended, these people are likely to waste time in prison and lose jobs thus subjecting them and their families to financial and emotional suffering. Jim fully specializes in DWI (driving while intoxicate) cases and devotes all his time to these cases. Although Jim does not approve drunk driving, yet he believes that most people who are charged with these offenses are innocent and are unnecessarily arrested. This is the main reason why he became a DUI attorney.

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In case you face a DWI offense, you must realize how serious it is. The suspect must seek a Houston lawyer who specializes in DWI cases. In case you are found guilty, the offense of DWI has many negative consequences. These include suspension of driver’s license, family breakdown, and termination of employment.

The Butler Law Firm has the experience and knowledge of defending those charged with DWI. Using our firm, you increase your chances of positive outcomes and your rights will be protected. You can get in touch with Mr. Butler to discuss the details of your case.

He has the experience to help you, so don’t delay, call today.

A DWI has negative consequences for not only your life but the whole of your family as well. You will incur increased costs for going to work, running errands, shopping and others. If you won’t do anything, the revocation of your license will begin 40 days after you were charged. Butler’s law firm has the experience of helping you get positive outcomes for your case.

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