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From the outset, let us set the record straight, Jim Butler and Butler Law Firm do not support drunk driving for obvious reasons it is against the law. Drunk driving is a growing menace on our roads and must be deterred through all means permissible under the law for the protection of other innocent road users. However, at times innocent drivers due to other mitigating benign circumstances may give the impression of driving while intoxicated. The police office not aware of these peculiar circumstances and not taking time to verify, will promptly and unfairly book a driver for driving under the influence.

These are the drivers Jim Butler defends through his Butler Law Firm to protect their rights that may have been overlooked on the road. The irony here is that despite a probable error in law by the citing officer, the charges will stand unless the driver successfully defends their rights. Jim Butler is ready and willing to help such a driver restore their rights, calls him now

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Jim Butler has been defending the rights of DWI victims for over 24 years and in the process established himself as the lawyer to go to for legal help with a high success rate in Cove. Butler Law Firm takes on no other type of case except DWI/DUI related charges and is therefore specialized and best suited to defend such cases. The key to success is, however, to lodge your defense early and within the time stipulated in the law. This should be done ideally within 15 days from the date the driver is charged. So, to stand a chance at obtaining a good outcome, call Jim Butler fast!

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Specialization has its merits in practice for attorneys. An attorney gets to assess the facts of the case at first sight from experience and familiarity with multiple characteristics of cases handled in the past. An experienced lawyer like Jim Butler will easily see a violation of a driver’s rights in the structure of the charge sheet even before the client’s statement. This helps in getting a faster resolution of the charge and clearance of the driver’s record. You can only get such advantages at the Butler Law Firm with 24 years in business. Jim Butler understands all the intricate aspects of the DWI law and how it can be argued out for the protection of his clients’ rights. 

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