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Have you just gotten a DWI that is making you feel stressed and wondering what you need to do to get over it?

If yes, Butler Law firm is here to help. Jim Butler is an attorney with over 24 years, and he helps his clients to avoid the consequences of getting convicted of DWI or DUI, such as loss of job which will obviously lead to mental and financial anguish to you and your family. At the moment, Jim handles DWI cases only and thus where he devotes all his time and energy. Although he does not support driving while drunk, the truth, and fact of the matter are that some persons are arrested and charged with DWI or DUI for no apparent reason. Defending such persons is the reason why Jim Butler chose to become an attorney. You can consult Jim Butler for free by calling him via (713) 236-8744 today. Not every case of driving while drunk or intoxicated warrants a DUI or DWI charge.

In Texas, you are allowed by the law to drive while drunk, so long as that intoxication does not impair your physical and mental ability. There is a problem with most of the field sobriety tests, being that they only give part of the picture. You can actually fail the test while not really intoxicated, but if you are tired, nervous or if you suffer from certain medical conditions which impair body balance.

Legal Representation For DWI & DUI Charges

DWI is not a simple charge that you can wish away. A conviction can have serious consequences. When charged with it, you need to seek out an attorney who is an expert in preparing DWI defense. The possible consequences of the conviction include revocation or suspension of the driver’s license, the serious family falls out, loss of employment and even incarceration. If you are facing DWI then it is time to seek the help of Jim Butler of Butler Law firm in Houston.

This attorney has been in practice for 24 years and can easily be reached via email or call. Important to keep in mind is that being arrested for DWI crime sets the stage for a long legal process. Being charged with the offense just marks the beginning. After a trial, the end result may be the loss of license, fines and even conviction. It is only by having the guidance and advice of a lawyer that you can expect the good outcome of the legal process after your rights have been protected.

The Best Driving Under The Influence Attorneys

The Butler Law Firm is very highly experienced and will increase the possibility of a successful outcome when you are charged with DUI or DWI. The attorney will be there to ensure your rights are fully protected. If charged with such offenses, immediately contact Mr. Butler for free consultation and advice on the best way of dealing with your case. Thanks to his wide experience in handling such cases, he will ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Did you know that it is even not necessary that high levels of alcohol need not be registered in blood so you can be charged with DUI or DWI?

It may shock you that this is not a requirement in all the cases. All the police officer needs to demonstrate that your ability was impaired by his observation. In this regard, the following instances or cases may lead to a DWI charge –

  1. If you swerve your vehicle in a situation when you need not do so.
  2. Do not maintain the lanes while driving.
  3. You almost hit a person or some other thing.
  4. Apply brakes instantly for no reason.
  5. Doing a rolling stop, which refers to turning right at the red light or stop sign when your car has not been brought to complete stop.
  6. Turning too widely or too narrowly.
  7. Being unnecessarily cautiously or too slow while driving.
  8. Letting the vehicle drift sideways on the road while driving.

Underage Drinking Lawyers

Conviction with DWI offense may cause you to lose driving privileges for a period of between 3 months and 2 years. Commercial drivers who fail or refuse to take the breath test may have the commercial license revoked for the duration of up to one year. While being arrested in such a case, the arresting officer can take your commercial driving license then issue a special temporary permit to you. This special temporary permit is mostly accompanied by notice to suspend your driving license.

In these cases, you need to request that the matter is heard within 15 days otherwise your license stands automatically suspended after the lapse of 40 days from the date you were arrested. The foregoing is a simple explanation of the various legal issues that arise in DWI cases. The process of complex and you may not maneuver through it without the help of an experienced attorney such as Mr. Butler of the Butler Law Office. This experienced attorney based in Houston, TX, is very well informed and experienced in matters DWI criminal charges.

The firm he owns has defended many people arrested and charged with this offense. Once you get in touch with the law firm, you will be taken through the various steps and will be informed of all the happenings in preparation for your defense. This office in addition to representing and defending offers counseling so as to ensure you are very well informed about the process. Your rights will also be adequately protected by the firm.

Certified DUI & DWI Attorneys In Greater Heights, TX

Getting arrested, charged and convicted of DWI or DUI will seriously affect your life as a person, and your family’s life as well. The additional costs include that you will have to use public means of transportation whenever you need to travel to work, to shopping, to run errands or to do some other activities. As earlier stated, your driving license stands suspended 40 days from the day you were charged. This means you must act before the lapse of this time or else your line will be suspended.

The law firm of Mr. Butler which is based in Houston has 24 years’ experience in handling DWI cases and thus you can trust it for the best possible outcome when arrested and charged with these offenses. Butler law firm ensures compliance with the legal procedures and in the collection and production of evidence.

Contact The Butler Law Firm

It works in liaison with Houston District attorney to explore the various options available in the client’s case. Contact Mr. Butler today for legal help and advice. Based in Houston, this attorney will do all that is possible within the law to ensure you get the best possible solution for your case. He does not charge consultation fee so you can contact him immediately upon arrest for DWI.

Contact the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance. For more information on Butler Law Firm services,

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