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The percentage of DWI (Drinking While Intoxicated) cases our Butler Law Firm focuses on. To your case, we cater when in need of us.

Houston’s DWI attorney.

Are you accused of DWI? Are you now worried not knowing what is gonna happen? We can help you mitigate some of your worries.

24 is not just a numeral. It is the number of years Jim Butler has been a lawyer. He is well qualified and licensed for the profession. He has helped so many clients get out of prison hence preventing them from job loss which could lead them and their families to financial and mental anguishes. 100% of DWI cases are currently handled by Jim. He devotes all his time to this sort of case. This however is not an implication that Jim backs drunk driving. It is due to Jim’s belief of many people being ‘needlessly’ arrested for drunk driving; the ultimate reason behind Jim’s decision of becoming a DWI attorney.

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If anyone is reckoned with DWI, he or she should be wary of the charges’ seriousness. He or she should, therefore, search for a DWI attorney based in Houston for defense. The DWI offense could lead to dire consequences if found guilty.

Family fall-out, suspension or revocation of driving license, employment termination, and even imprisonment are some of these consequences. Call or email Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm if you are facing a DWI. The crime’s final outcome is not ascertained by simply being charged. Technical issues and conviction, fines, loss of driving license, and imprisonment are what the law entails. None of which are over automatic. Getting a lawyer to navigate you through the legal process and protect your rights is very necessary. 

The Butler Law Firm is experienced enough in making sure that those charged with DWI criminal offense have a chance of a successful result and their rights protected. Mr. Butler needs to listen to the details of your case. Contact him right away for a free consultation. His experience is enough to deserve your call. Dilly-dally not but call him right away.

Don’t let a DWI affect your life, your family’s life, and that of work. The suspension of your license will incline you to the direction of additional costs from public transport when going to your workplace, going out for errands, for family activities such as shopping among others.

The intermission of your driving license will commence 40 days after being accused if you decide to do nothing. Instead, it will be a great idea if you contact Mr. Butler’s Houston Law Firm.

With 24 years of legal experience, the firm deserves your call to service. It is ready to stand in your line of defense with you. Call the owner of The Houston Law Firm, Mr. Butler, right away. Keep in mind that consultation is free.  

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