Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated is one of the most dangerous especially when law is concerned. When you have been stopped by a DWI officer because of driving while intoxicated, it is always a very embarrassing experience and becomes very costly. This is because you will have to be arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated which will require you to hire a DWI lawyer.

Normally a DWI stop begins when you realize the officer is asking about the license and registration which you are required to provide. If you realize that the officer is asking you some questions, you have the right not to answer. When you choose not to answer it may be because you are afraid there might be an indication that you are drunk which is your right not to say a word.

You will also find yourself in a situation whereby an officer will ask you to perform a field sobriety test after suspecting that you are drunk. In some states, you have the right to decline such tests which are normally subjective by giving an officer the chance to make a judgment that you’ve been drinking. In addition, you are not required to do anything that can give out any potentially self-incriminating evidence.

There are occasions where the officer will want you to take a Breathalyzer or blood test whereby you are supposed to agree because it is a law. In the States, there are a lot of implied consent laws which states that if you have a driver license, you must follow such tests if an officer believes it is necessary to do so. If you happen not to take the test, there is a high chance of you facing a fine, license suspension or even a jail time.

When you take the test, one or two things will occur; either you will be found drunk or you will be found to be intoxicated and after that, you will get arrested for DWI. After that, it doesn’t mean there is a conviction because the equipment that was used to check the level of intoxication will vary due to its accuracy and can be challenged in court. It can also be the officer who made an error which could make your case thrown out.

If you face a DWI case, don’t hesitate when it comes to representing yourself in court. This will help you find a criminal defense attorney. In the Yellow pages, there are always names that are recommended and before you choose who you want, it is always advisable to ask others who they can select. Doing this will help you get the best DWI attorney. There is always a big difference in the competence of attorneys and you will want the best one who can be able to represent you in the court of law.

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