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Defending Your DWI Charges Is Our Top Priority!

The Butler Law Firm Is A 100% DWI Focused Law Firm Catering To Your Case When You Need Us Most!

Chances are very high that in case you’ve been accused of a DWI offense, you’re baffled on what steps to take and that you’re emotionally tormented. If you contact us, we can assist you in assuage some of your distress. 

Jim Butler is a certified lawyer who has practiced for 24 years. He offers legal assistance to his clients which enables them to get released from detention where they would have wasted their time and lost employment occasioning financial and mental suffering to both their families and themselves. Jim only handles DWI matters. He dedicates all his time and attention to these cases. Whereas Jim does not approve drunk driving, he is convinced that many who are accused of these offenses are innocent. This is the reason where he decided to specialize in DUI.

When you’re charged with a DWI crime, you must acknowledge that the accusation is grave. This indicates that you must look for an experienced Houston lawyer who restricts themselves to DWI defense. In case you’re found to be wrong, the crime of a DWI presents severe ramifications. The consequences of a DWI include revocation of your license, family wrangles, job dismissal, and imprisonment. Jim Butler has the experience and knowledge needed to offer you the best defense. Call or email him today. Being apprehended of a DWI offense does not signal the end result of your matter. The accusations leveled against you signal the beginning of a long protracted legal procedure. The law has various choices that will take care of your accusations. These include being fined, imprisoned, and suspension of your license. All these alternatives are not automatic. You can have a high opportunity of a positive outcome if you hire an experienced attorney to assist you to walk through the legal journey and have your rights protected.

The Jim Butler Firm has been assisting clients of DWI accusations and has the experience and expertise in offering the best defense service. Furthermore, you’re assured of your rights being protected throughout the legal process.

He has the experience to help you, so don’t delay, call today.

There are grave negative implications of a DWI offense. You may start shouldering extra expenses to and for work, running errands, shopping, etc. You may have your license suspended after 40 days from the time you were charged. Act now by contacting Jim Butler who has 24 years of experience and is able to deliver a positive outcome in defending you. 

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