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The Butler Law Firm Is A 100% DWI Focused Law Firm Catering To Your Case When You Need Us Most!

You may find yourself at a loss on what to do when you’re accused of a DWI crime. In case you’re in this emotionally distressing state, we can help you.

The Jim Butler Law Firm is a registered company that has been in existence for 24 years. The owner of the firm Jim Butler has assisted many persons accused of DWI offense get freedom from confinement where they would waste time and cause a lot of emotional and financial torture to themselves and their families. Currently, Jim Butler offers all his attention to DWI (driving while intoxicated) matters. In spite of the fact that Jim does not approve drunk driving, he nevertheless feels that many people who are accused of this offense are innocent. He decided to specialize in this area so that he would help these people.

It’s important to realize that a DWI offense is enormous and look for a Houston attorney who concentrates on these cases. If you’re found guilty, a DWI offense has grave consequences. Your license may be retracted, families may breakdown, you may be fired from your job being confined. Due to his 24 years of experience, Jim has the knowledge and skills to defend you. You can contact him now. The allegations that have been leveled against you cannot determine the final outcome of your matter. The indictment only marks the beginning of a long protracted legal procedure. The legal procedure can take various perspectives. These include annulment of your license, being jailed, and being fined. All these legal decisions may not be guaranteed. To ensure that you have a high chance of securing a positive outcome, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney who will hold your hand throughout the process and ensure that your rights are safeguarded.

In case you have a DWI matter, choose the Jim Butler Law Firm which has the experience and knowledge to enable you to get a positive outcome for your case and makes sure that your rights are upheld at all stages. Contact Jim Butler at this moment for a free consultation.

He has the experience to help you, so don’t delay, call today.

There is a long list of negative implications of a DWI not only to your life but to your family life as well. You may have your license canceled which will mean that you will start commuting to and fro work. This implies a high cost. You’ll also start incurring extra costs when running family errands and shopping.

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