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Have you been charged with driving while intoxicated charge and you have been wondering wha5t to do? That should never be a problem all you need to do is make sure that you have the right representation in court, as it will determine the success of your case.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are a law firm located in Houston Texas, which deals with driving while intoxicated charges only. We have been in this scene for over 20 years now, which underlines our commitment to helping our clients get a fair trial with their DWI charges. We take great pride in the success rate that we are able to pull off in the courts of law, whenever we are involved with a case.

In case you are serious with winning your driving while intoxicated charge, then following our pathway ought to be the way forward. Call us via our number (713) 236-8744 and we will process your case responsively.

What we do for you

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm understand how confused and worried you might be by being charged with driving while intoxicated charge. We do all we can to ensure that you do not lose your driving license, you are not incarcerated and you do not suffer fines which are the probable punishments you might face.

Once you contact us we immediately embark on a process of tailoring your defense in the court of law, as that is our sole mandate. We do this with the help of our lead attorney Jim Butler, who has great experience in the DWI charges and therefore knows all the boundaries of the charges and what the law states. After we have crafted your defense, we then represent you in a court of law, so as to make sure that you win the case and never have to suffer the punishments.

In addition, we also follow up on your legal documents and processes, to ensure that you get a fair trial. Choose us today and succeed in your driving while intoxicated charge.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm takes great pride in the number of success cases that we have been able to deal with. By choosing to walk with us you increase the chances of succeeding in your case. We also deal with only driving while intoxicated charges, which has basically transformed us into being DWI charges experts.

There is nothing in the DWI charges that we cannot be able to solve and deliver success. All you need is contact us and let us represent you in court, as you want for results and run your errands.

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