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Being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) might not be on your top ten list of good things that can happen to you. But you may yourself there one day. Do you know that no matter the type of intoxication offense, you can get an excellent result if you quickly contact the best DWI attorney in Houston? You should never assume that you can’t win your case because DWI cases are defensible when you have the best-qualified attorney. 

At Butler Law Firm, we have won trial acquittals and gotten dismissals in almost every type of DWI case which has been brought to us by our clients. Do not be stressed even with the most serious DWI offenses, you can always be defended to avoid conviction if you have a good attorney.

Have you been arrested because of a DWI offense? Don’t let anyone convince you that your case is not worth fighting. Attorney Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm is here to help you avoid being stressed by your DWI case. Jim Butler is a highly qualified attorney DWI lawyer who has helped many people avoid conviction even after performing badly on field sobriety tests or confessing guilt to a police officer. Jim Butler is a 24 years licensed attorney who currently deals with DWI-related cases. His track clearly gives you the reason why you should never accept that your DWI case, no matter how serious it is, is hopeless.

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DWI and related cases have high stakes both professionally and personally. After you have been arrested, preferably while you being processed at the police station, you should contact JIM Butler either through a friend or a family member, if you cannot do it yourself. Butler will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you no matter how serious your case is. Nowadays DWI offenses have become too serious for anyone to show up in court without a highly qualified defense attorney in Houston. Butler has established himself as the best DWI attorney over the years by winning almost all his client’s DWI cases in court.

Taxes Administrative License Revocation (ARL) can be a legal minefield for all but the most experienced DWI attorneys like Jim Butler. Laws are very much complicated and you need someone on your side who can understand and explain to you how they work. Butler will make the legal process easy for you and have your rights protected and being arrested. He will also ensure that you don’t lose your driving license or secure an occupational license to allow you to drive to and from your workplace or school. 

Butler is a qualified attorney and he has enough experience to deal with your DWI case, call him today

Avoid any conviction resulting from a DWI case. Contact Butler today and have your case well handled.

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