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Defending Your DWI Charges is Our Top Priority. We are A 100% DWI Focused Law Firm Catering to Your Case When You Need Us Most. If you got a DWI and are feeling stressed because you do not know what is going to happen, we can help you to alleviate some of your stress.

Jim Butler is a licensed attorney and has been in practice for the last 24 years. He helps his clients avoid jail term thus alleviate the risk of losing their jobs and causing financial and mental suffering to themselves and their families. Jim’s cases currently consist of 100% drinking while intoxicated where he devotes all his time. He, however, does not endorse drunk driving but has a belief that many people are arrested irregularly. This belief is a major reason why he became a DUI lawyer.

Jim Butler is only a call away as you can reach him through 713-236-8744 and geta free consultation.

DWI offenders should be aware of the seriousness of the charge. The offender should seek out for a DWI attorney as the chargers if convicted can result to serious consequences. 

Consequences of a DWI can include suspension or revocation of the driver’s license, family breakdown, loss of job and jail term. For anyone facing DWI charges can rely on Jim Butlers 24 years’ experience to get them out. You can reach out to him at the Butler Law Firm through email or call us. Arrest for a DWI is the beginning of a long process. Charges do not determine the final outcome. The law has technical issues, conviction, fines, suspension of license and eventually incarceration. None of these is automatic as with an experienced attorney, one can navigate through the law experience and protect their rights. 

The Butler Law Firm has the prerequisite experience to make sure that the DWI or DUI offenders facing criminal charges have a good chance of success. Through the process of law, their rights are protected. Consult Mt Butler immediately for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. Don’t take so much time, call today.

DWI could negatively affect your life in a great way. You can incur additional costs including public transportation to work, to run errands and other family activities. License suspension id done 40 days after the charges have been brought against you if you do not take any action. Mr. Butler’s law Firm, which has 24 years of experience can help you get the best possible outcome. 

Contact Mr. Butler in his Butler Law Firm today.

Mr. Butler, owner of the Houston based law firm will do everything in his power under the law to resolve your DWI issue for you. Contact Butler Law Firm for a free consultation.

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