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Outcomes of DUI and DWI that Prompts a Good Attorney and Why Butler’s is Ideal

A driving while intoxicated charge and of that of driving while under influence can greatly affect one’s life, that of their family and work severely. For one, your employer might think of you as irresponsible and terminate employment. If not, you could get convicted and jailed which does not give you a chance to work. In addition, your driving license could be suspended if one does not act within 40 days after the charge was made. This not only affects your routine but also brings additional costs as you will have to use public transportation to get to work if you still got a job. Also, running errands, shopping, and other family activities become frustrating without authorization to drive around.

Why a Good Law Firm is Important

Due to the austere results of being charged with driving while intoxicated or under influence, one should gear up to find an attorney that will provide them with the best outcome possible by negotiating extremely well on their behalf. No one would be excited or okay with serving a jail term if it can be avoided. Mr. Butler’s Law Firm is a Houston based company that has 24 years of legal experience. As a result, he has dealt with a high number of cases involving DUI and DWI and has by now known all the loops and strategies existing to ensure clients get outcomes where a prison cell is not involved.

Why Butler’s Law Firm Can be Trusted

Mr. Butler owns a criminal law office which is based in Houston. From the many years, he has defended DUI and DWI clients he has gained workmanship that is undoubtedly unchallenged. One is 100% assure that he will be able to alleviate an accused from these charges in a court of law. He can tell you that law is a technical process and being charged does not equate to a conviction. His ability to help offenders should however not be associated with using underhanded means to achieve success. He is a man with an ethos and his principles should not be questioned as everything he does is always within the law. His honesty allows him to be straightforward with clients and explain the adverse effects of being found guilty and this is why you should feel free to contact him.

Contact Butler Law Firm today if you find yourself in need of their quality services. Mr. Butler and his team will work very hard and diligently within the law to resolve the issue in the best way possible for all their clients. Consultation fees should be the least of your worries as it is free.

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