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The effects that a driving, while intoxicated charge can have on your life, can never be underestimated. This is because it can not only make you lose your job and source of income but make you suffer great losses brought about by the fines that the charge attracts. It is therefore very important to take the charge very seriously, by making sure that you have a good representation in the court of law.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are the best law firm that deals with driving while intoxicated cases that you could ever find in the country. The success rate that the cases that we have been involved in speaks loudly and clearly for themselves. It goes without saying that by choosing to walk with us you increase the chances of you winning your DWI case. Give us a call via (713) 236-8744 right away and let us sail your case to success.

What we do for you

Whenever you choose Jim Butler Law Firm to be your legal representation in your driving while intoxicated charge, then you can have peace of mind and run your own errands, knowing that your case is in the right hands. Whenever you give us a call to be your legal representation our highly qualified attorneys led by our lead attorney Jim Butler cross-examine your sequence of events for your charge in order to know the real circumstances for your charge. After they have fully identified and comprehended the happenings of the particular day that you were charged, they then tailor for you a good defense to present in court, with the help of their massive experience and expertise in the field.

In addition, we also draft for you the documents that are needed in court and make sure that they follow the right processes. To crown this all, we represent you in a court of law, in order to make sure that you get a fair hearing.

Why choose us

The success rate of the cases that we have been involved in cannot be swept under the bridge, because they are uncountable. Therefore, in case you are serious about winning your driving while intoxicated case, choosing us serves the broth. With the high quality of attorneys that we have in our law firm, you can never go astray by choosing us to represent you in a court of law.

In addition, we have been in driving while intoxicated a legal representation scene for over two decades now. It goes without saying that this has made us experts in the field. This explains why we are the leading law firm in the country that deals with driving while intoxicated charges.

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