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We are purely DWI law firm and are always available to serve you when you need us most. 

Have you got yourself into a DWI offense? Are you having no peace of mind since you are not aware of what is going to happen? When can be your aide and alleviate all stress that you may be undergoing. 

For about twenty-four years now, we have been working and he helps his customers get out of jail time in cases where they could get fired from jobs bringing great damage to their families leading to financial and mental torture. Our firm is specifically focused on DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). You are recommended to note that he does not support drunk driving but believes that some are apprehended while innocent. Actually, this was one of the core reasons for starting it and becoming a DUI lawyer.

To reach to Butler, you are advised to call us today via (713) 236-8744 and get a free consultation. 

Any person who gets a Driving While Intoxicated offense is recommended to note that he or she will be highly charged. Also, the offender is advised to get a reliable lawyer who is a specialist in DWI offenses. Additionally, when found guilty with such an offense, he or she can incur serious consequences which include family falls out, driver’s license suspension, employment termination and well as incarceration. In case you get into such, don’t forget that Jim Butler has been licensed for more than twenty years. Also, when arrested with a DWI offense, note that it is a starting point of a very long process. The set laws are matters of technical issues and conviction, fines, license loss, and incarceration. So that you end up having the best result, you are highly recommended to hire an experienced lawyer who will help you navigate through the entire process making sure that all your rights are protected. 

In our firm, we are well experienced to ensure that when you are charged with driving while intoxicates (DWI), you possess a great chance for successful or positive outcomes making sure that your rights are not violated. For consultation services at no fee, you are recommended to contact Mr. Jim Butler. 

Mr. Butler is well experienced so do not delay, Give a Call Immediately 

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) can affect your family’s life is a great way such as adding extra charges such as using public transport. Also, your driving license can be suspended whereby it begins forty days later after the charge is made in case you do nothing at all.

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