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Jim Butler is the co-founder of Butler Law Firm where the physical law office is located in Houston. Jim Butler does everything possible that is within the rules outlined by the law to defend those charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) in the best way possible. If you are facing DWI charges, you will get stressed since you are not aware of where to start and keep wondering if the final outcome of the case. One of the many benefits of hiring a professional DWI lawyer like Jim Butler is that he is able to reduce some of your stress that arises from this charge. Therefore, you can contact him today to get a free consultation. You can also send him an email to get the free consolation of your DWI charge details. Jim Butler has been offering his services for the past 24 years. He is licensed as well as he is a qualified DWI lawyer. He will help you elude incarceration since if it occurs, you will end up losing your job which would lead to mental and financial suffering for you and for your family. Jim fully handles and mainly specializes in DWI cases. He fully dedicates his entire time in solving DWI cases. This has helped him to gain vast knowledge and expertise in handling these cases. Jim Butler does not support driving while intoxicated; but, Jim Butler determines that most people that are charged with DWI are innocent and do not deserve such charges. This is the most influential factor that has made Jim Butler a professional DWI lawyer. Just contact him using (713) 236-8744 where he offers a free consultation. The main priority of Butler Law Firm is defending your DWI charges. Jim dedicates his efforts 100 percent for your needs. The firm is based in Houston where the physical office is located. Being faced by the DWI offense will make you get stressed since you do not know of the future outcome. Therefore, Mr. Butler- Houston based lawyer will help in reducing stress associated with this offense. Jim Butler will help you survive incarceration which may cause certain problems such as job loss, stress, and misunderstanding of the family members that arise from inadequate funds for financing daily activities of the family. That is why Jim Butler mainly specializes in DWI cases. Jim Butler will be able to defend you from DWI charges that are applicable after you are caught driving while intoxicated. However, he does not necessarily mean that it is okay to drive while drunk but he is aware that most people that are charged with DWI offenses are normally innocent. It is not right to drive while intoxicated since there are higher chances of causing accidents. If it happens, and you are charged with DWI, contact Jim Butler right away.
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The Butler Law Firm is owned and headed by Jim Butler in Houston. Mr. Butler will ensure that your matter will be handled in the best possible matter and follow due process. For a free consultation engage him today!

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