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The Butler Law Firm is a criminal law office owned by Jim Butler, which has over 24 years of experience working year in year out in solving the residents of Houston and the surrounding area. With such kind of experience, therefore they have dominated in the legal field by ranking high among the peers. Although the law firm also deals with other criminal cases, it has specialized in driving while intoxicated charges, which have enabled it to edge its name in the business. It is among the most popular criminal legal firm not only in Houston but also all over the country.

It is not a must that you be drunk in order for you to register above 0.08 alcohol blood level which is the main indicator that traffic police uses to charge you of driving while intoxicated, there are other factors that can lead to high level of blood to alcohol like being nervous, tired or having a medical condition. This lack of such information has led to many people being charged innocently after consulting unexperienced law firm and therefore you need to choose one of the expert legal partners in order to defend you of the charge.

The Butler Law Firm is one such kind of partner that you need. In case of any inquiries on how you can walk with Butler Law Firm in your driving while intoxicated charges you can do so by just dialing their number, which is 713 236 8744 or visit them in their business premises in Houston Texas and you will be helped.

The Best Lawyers For Underage DUI Under 21

After contacting them for any criminal charge that you may have been charged with or you want to charge someone with, they will advise you on the direction to take for the success of your case. Furthermore, the Butler Law Firm attorneys will represent you in the courts in case you are charged or you are the petitioner so that you may not have the stress of being charged and still struggling to file your cases.

In case you choose the Butler Law Firm your legal processes will be taken over by them making sure that your hearing gets a free and fair hearing which is essential in the administration of justice. In addition, the Butler Law Firm will review your case in conjunction with the district attorney office in order to check whether you have options and advise you on the direction to take regarding your case. To top it off the Butler Law Firm will ensure that your evidence is processed the way it’s required as the evidence will determine whether you will be found guilty or not. This makes Butler Law Firm the best decision that you can take for your case.

While driving you will have noticed that there is a line at the middle of the road, which separates the lanes in which cars pass through. That line is purposely located there to make sure that drivers keep in their position to avoid any collision due to the unmarked road. Therefore whenever you are intoxicated while driving you are not sober and therefore you cannot keep on the sides due to influence mental condition. Therefore whenever a traffic officer finds you driving in the middle of the lanes, that’s a red sign that you are not okay and you are under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, in not keeping o your lane while driving you are endangering your lives and that of other drivers because of the limited space you have left and this can, therefore, cause accidents. Therefore, even if you are slightly drunk just keep on your lane while driving for your own safety.

When one is under the influence of drugs especially alcohol, they know that they are not fit to drive and therefore you drive while braking now and then even when it is not supposed to. In addition when drunk one is not able to control correctly the pressure to apply on brakes. Therefore, whenever you are driving a and a traffic officer sees that your braking is not even and you are braking now and then, you will have raised the red alarm that you are not okay. The hitting of brakes erratically can be very dangerous especially in case there is a car that is behind you as it can cause accidents and that is why people brake slowly and gradually.

Therefore, whenever you are driving just apply brakes gradually and brake where it is supposed to be not everywhere. Whenever someone knows that they are not fit to drive, they usually fear a lot while driving. Therefore, they result in driving slowly and cautiously which is abnormal, as they do not want to cause an accident. This increases the attention of a traffic police officer and therefore can raise a red flag thus leading to you being charged. Although driving slowly is safe especially when you are intoxicated, it is not advisable and you need to raise quite a little bit the speed of your car.

Whenever one is intoxicated making the right decisions in some situations becomes very hard, therefore whenever you are taking a turn you don’t do it in the normal way because you cannot judge the turn correctly. This forces you to either turn very narrowly or widely which raises the red flag to the traffic police. Taking a narrow or wide turn can be very dangerous in some instances and that is why it is ill-advised. Therefore, whenever you are driving make sure that you take a good turn to avoid being charged with driving while intoxicated.

People who are intoxicated are very dangerous while driving because they do not correctly judge the situation. That is why many of the accidents that happen in our roads today a drunk driver is most of the time found.

Therefore, whenever you miss hitting a person or something that a clear sign to the traffic police officer. For more information on Butler Law Firm services or contact a Houston DUI attorney at the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance.

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