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We can assist you from the distress when under a DWI situation and don’t know the way forward! Jim Butler is a licensed attorney of more than 24 years standing. He assists their clients not to serve jail terms otherwise they could be faced with job losses ending them up and their families’ turmoil both economically and mentally. Jim Butler currently devotes his time on 100% Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases. He, however, doesn’t back drive under the influence but as an attorney, he believes a lot of innocent people get arrested without justifiable course hence his reason to become a DUI attorney. Kindly get in touch with Jim Butler for a consultation at no cost- (713) 236-8744. Anyone faced with a DWI charge- Driving While Intoxicated should get informed of the gravity of the charge. The accused person should find the best Houston based attorney who normally mainly deals with matters related to DWI because when charged and found guilty the penalties are huge. The penalty ranges but not limited to loss of a driver’s license, family feuds, forfeiture of occupation and possible jail time. Call or email Jim Butler who operates the Butler Law Firm with an experience of 24 years in DWI matters. When charged with the DWI offense, being arrested is only but the beginning of the long tedious process. The technicality process of the law makes the process of losing a license, getting a fine, facing jail time or conviction is not spontaneous as the due process must be followed. To get a good outcome you need the services of an experienced attorney who will be at your assistance and get you through the turmoil and ensure your rights are not abused. The Butler Law Firm has sufficient experience in the criminal procedure of DWI or DUI offenses and therefore best suited to get you the best defense to get the best outcome and also ensure your rights are not abused. Please feel free to interact with Jim Butler for a free consultation and tell him about your legal issue. Jim Butler has sufficient experience to offer assistance, get in touch with him soon! Your life daily operation, family or work may be adversely be affected by a DWI charge. Other expenses you may incur may range from public transportation to work, family engagements or shopping. If you don’t show course and attend to your DWI condition from 40 days of DWI issuance, your driver’s license will end up being suspended.
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The Butler Law Firm is owned and headed by Jim Butler in Houston. Mr. Butler will ensure that your matter will be handled in the best possible matter and follow due process. For a free consultation engage him today!

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