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The Butler Law Firm is a 100% DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and always focus on catering for your case when you need us the most.

Got a DWI charge? And you’re frustrated from those charges and fear their consequences? 

Jim Butler of Butler Law Firm can help you get out of this situation with no stress. He is a licensed attorney and has remained Houston’s best DWI lawyer for over 23 years.

He has assisted many clients in getting out of tight situations where they could have risked jail, or worst, to lose their jobs, straining themselves and their families both financially and mentally. 

Currently, Jim specializes in DWI (driving while intoxicated) thus, his cases are 100% DWI. He also dedicates most of his time in such situations.  

However, Jim does not validate drunk driving in whatsoever, but it’s his dire need to help many innocent people, those “needlessly arrested.” He has then devoted his time as a DWI lawyer to help such people.

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Whoever gets charged with a DWI offense, should never be indifferent to its seriousness. The offender should seek help from the best lawyers and those who specialize only in DWI cases. If you’re found guilty, the burdens of a DWI charge can span from unexpected to severe consequences.

These consequences may include the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, family fall-out, termination of employment, and even incarceration. For those facing a DWI, Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm has remained licensed for 24 years. You can call or email him today. 

Being detained for such seemingly minor misconduct as DWI is just but the start of a longer process. The charge alone, however, does not determine its outcome. The law is complex, with a mix of technical issues and convictions, fines, loss of license, and incarceration, all of which aren’t automatic.

To be safe and to take the best chances of getting a positive outcome, it is wise to seek the help of an experienced attorney who will assist you through the complex legal process while protecting your rights at any stage.

The Butler Law Firm is reputed with all the ability to make sure that each of their clients charged with DWI or DUI gets an opportunity for a definite conclusion and that in any law process, their rights remain protected. 

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A DWI can seriously affect everything in your life, that of your family or work. You may incur additional costs, which may include the cost of public transportation while going out for work, attending errands, shopping, and other household endeavors. 

If you do not act on your case, the suspension of your license will start immediately after 40 days. With 24 years of legal experience, Mr. Butler’s Houston-based firm can help you find a better end on your circumstances.

Mr. Butler is at the helm of this Houston-based criminal law office and will do his best under the law to help all his clients get out of these issues quickly. Contact him now and get a free consultation.