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You have been arrested on a DWI charge? You are wondering about what will happen and have no idea what to do? Calm down because we are here to lift off some of the luggage of your shoulders. 

Jim Butler has been licensed to practice for 24 years. He also assists clients to avoid jail otherwise causing them and their families emotional and financial distress due to job losses. Jim Butler deals mainly in DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases mostly. He is currently committed mainly to DWI matters. Although he doesn’t condone drunk driving, he, however, believes a lot of people get arrested unnecessarily and is the reason he pursued this area of specialization in the first place.

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Getting arrested on a DWI which stands for Driving While Intoxicated carries with it very serious penalties hence the need to get the services of an experienced Houston attorney who normally deals with DWI matters only. The offense of DWI carries serious penalties if found guilty.

Some of the penalties range from not only job losses family fallouts, withdrawal or cancellation of the driver’s license and possible imprisonment. For those charged with DWI, call or email Jim Butler of the Butler law firm who has been licensed for 24 years. It’s just the beginning of a lengthy process when you get arrested. However, being charged does not automatically determine the outcome because the legal process is technical hence convictions, fines or loss of license don’t automatically decide on the outcome. To ensure you have a chance of success, it is important to get the expertise of an experienced attorney who will assist you navigate through the process and ensure your rights are not violated. 

The firm of Butler has all the necessary expertise to ensure those charged with DWI or DUI stand the best chance of a better outcome and their rights are protected in the process. To discuss the details of the case call Jim Butler for a free consultation. 

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A DWI charge can greatly impact on your daily life routine and that of your family. Additionally, you may face challenges like transportation, running errands, shopping or other family activities. If you don’t act on the matter your license expiry begins after 40 days after the charge is made. If you don’t act on the matter Jim Butler a Houston based 24 years licensed attorney will assist you to get the good outcome.

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Mr. Jim Butler owns the Houston based criminal law firm. He will do everything reasonably possible under the law to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Get in touch with him today for a free consultation.

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