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Why Butler Law Firm is an Excellent Choice for DUI Cases

A night out with the boys or girls can at times turn haywire very fast. After distressing and you are tipsy bordering on drunk, but still confident to think you are in a position to drive, and unfortunately get busted for a high level of intoxication all available assistance is welcome. A driving while intoxicated charge is slapped on your face and the levels of stress escalate just by thinking of the harsh consequences that can come about. In the case of such a situation, a law firm that can take care of your interest is crucial. The Butler Law Firm is an institute that has specialized and set its focus on intoxicated driving cases. Their goal is to cater to such problems with the urgency needed.

Jim Butler has been a licensed attorney for 24 years which gives him an advantage from the vast experience he has gained over the years. His level of expertise has seen him help get clients out of sticky situations and possible jail term. In a way, he offsets them from so much more than just serving time in prison. He sets them free from grave consequences such as: losing their jobs which can bring about financial suffering to his customers and their families. In addition, he saves them from mental problems such as high levels of stress and depression that may have arisen. Jim Butler is an ideal Houston DWI (driving while intoxicated) lawyer because his cases currently consist of 100% DWI.

Although Jim devotes most if not all his time in helping clients avoid consequences that come with being handed a DWI, he does not in any way encourage or support this act. He does not endorse driving while intoxicated and as a matter of fact promotes responsible driving. He, however, feels that some people are needlessly arrested should be offered all the assistance available to avoid any injustices.

How and Why You Should Consult Jim Butler Law Firm

So the next time you find yourself in such a situation and wondering what should do, you know whom to turn to. Butler Law Firm with Jim Butler at the helm can help alleviate some of your stress. Give him a call today on (713) 236-8744 and get a consultation absolutely free of any charges. Do not forget that we are 100% committed to taking up your case whenever you need us most!

At times even the best of us can find themselves in a sticky situation with Law enforcers. Just in case your collision with officers of the law is on a DWI, remember that Jim Butler’s firm is ready to help.

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