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Have you been hit with a DUI? Is stress eating you up especially since you have no idea what is likely to happen?

We can offer a solution that relieves some of your stress. For 24 years now, Jim Butler has been a celebrated registered attorney. He has been accredited with helping his clients avoid real jail time. This way clients get to retain jobs they could have otherwise lost which could have consequently caused financial and mental suffering for both the individuals as well as their families. As per now, 100% of the cases Jim is committed to are DWI. DWI simply abbreviates ‘Driving While Intoxicated’.

Currently, Jim has been redirecting all his energy solely on DWI cases. However, this does not in any way imply that Jim is a crusader for drunk driving. He is rather of the sentiment that a considerable population of innocent individuals is arrested without any need for it. It is on these bases that Jim decided to throw himself fully into DUI law.

DWI & DUI Charges

Are you in need of a consultation?

Worry not since you can give Jim a call on (713) 236-8744 for an absolutely free consultation. Jim is well aware that people do not now that it is very legal to drink and drive in Texas, so long as one maintains both his/her physical as well as mental faculties. Jim further reveals that the greatest shortcoming of field sobriety tests is their inability to give a more wholesome picture. In fact, Jim adds that tiredness, nervousness as well as medical conditions can result in a ‘fail’ in the test even in absence of any form of intoxication.

A DWI offense bears a lot of weight and therefore should never be taken lightly. Offenders are in fact advised to seek services of a reputable Houston attorney (preferably one who focuses solely on DWI Defense) the moment they are charged with this offense. The charge comes with very serious consequences if one convicted as guilty.

The Best Driving Under The Influence Attorneys

Among the most common consequences of a DWI conviction include revocation of driving license, loss of employment, family disintegration and sometimes jail time. If you been hit with a DWI charge, therefore, it is most definitely time to get in touch with The Butler Law Firm, operational for 24 years now under the sharp and competent eye of Jim Butler. We are simply one phone call or email away. An arrest for DWI is not the end but rather the beginning of a rather tasking process.

Moreover, being charged does not at all predetermined outcome of the case. Instead, the law is accompanied by a variety of possible outcomes such as loss of license, conviction fines as well as jail time. To increase the chances of positive outcome services of a competent attorney are a necessity. Otherwise, who will assist you in navigation through the rather complex legal process and to ensure your rights are not infringed on?

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The Butler Law Firm is excellent news for all those charged with DUI or DWI offense. The firm boasts not just the expertise but also the experience vital for ensuring that such offenders boost their chances of acquiring a positive outcome. Jim Butler is also fully dedicated to ensuring that none of your rights are violated at any point throughout the entire legal process.

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Call Mr. Butler right away to discuss your case details and at zero consultation fee. Jim Butler has the experience and ability to help you with your DUI. There is no reason to delay. Just pick up the phone and call him. Perhaps you have some questions relating to a DUI. Get in touch with Jim Butler and have all your questions answered. A large percentage of people think that for one to be charged with a DWI you have to register a blood alcohol level of .08. surprisingly this is not the case at all. Suppose a police officer is able to prove through observation that a driver’s ability is impaired then it is sufficient to charge the driver under question. Examples of such instances that can be used against a driver include the following:

  1. Correcting a vehicle’s course by serving
  2. Inability to keep on one lane
  3. Coming close to hitting something or someone
  4. Erratic hitting of brakes
  5. Rolling stop- turning right at a red light or stop sign without first stopping completely
  6. Being overcautious which includes driving too slowly
  7. Turning too widely or too narrowly
  8. Drifting from one side to the other on the road

The Best DUI Lawyers & DWI Attorneys In Montrose, Texas

Under such circumstances, it is possible that a driver’s privileges are revoked for a period of 90 days to 2 years. Is even worse for commercial drivers. Should they refuse to undertake breath tests their driving licenses can be suspended for a period of up to 1 year.

In most cases, the arresting officer involved with your case s likely to take your license and in its stead issue you a temporary permit tied to a suspension notice. In events of such, it is mandatory that one requests a hearing before elapse of 15 days lest an automatic suspension affected 40 days after the incident. The above discussion is just a small piece of the better pie which a DWI is. This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that there is more than enough reason to employ the services of a qualified attorney such as Mr. Butler.

Mr. Butler who is based in Houston understands all the pieces of the complex puzzle of DWI charges. Hs firm has defended huge scores of people charged with this offense. His firm educates you on the process step by step and helps you keep your cool as well as ensures that none of your rights are violated in any way.

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A DWI can have a considerable negative impact on one’s personal life, work experience as well as the overall welfare of his/her family. On the event of such a charge, transport to work, running errands, shopping and other activities becomes really strenuous since one might have to rely on public transport. Bearing n mind that a suspension of one’s license will be enforced 40 days after logging of the charge it is vital that you contact Mr. Butler to help you acquire the best outcome for your predicament. With Mr. Butler as your attorney, you are assured that all proceedings are transparent and all evidence logged against you is processed in adherence to all requirements of the law.

Contact a Houston DUI attorney at the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance. At the same time, this reputable firm is sure to consult with the District Attorney’s office to determine all legal options that are available for your case. Get in touch with Butler Law Firm today to receive maximum assistance from Mr. Jim Butler who is, in fact, the top man at this outstanding Houston law firm. Clients are assured that this office will pull every legal string possible to get you out of that DWI mess. The icing on the cake is the fact that consultation is absolutely free. 

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